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Figure 20-2. Combined controller and data model This limits the modularity of your design, as described later in the chapter. But unless the data model and controller are inappropriately entangled, it should be easy to refactor your application into separate controller and data model classes in the future, without disrupting your design. The key is to keep the concept of the data model independent of your controller, even while they occupy the same object.
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CHAPTER 7: Scrolling with Joy
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In this section, I ll walk through all the steps necessary to generate the required serverside development SSL certificate and mobile provisioning files for use with your push notification application. If you have already made distribution certificates for yourself for ad hoc or App Store distribution, this will build on your experience. If you haven t already made certificates for yourself, although this isn t particularly difficult, it s a lengthy, involved process, so I recommend starting with just an ad hoc certificate before leaping right in to APNS. There are a couple of key things to keep in mind about the setup. First, there s a secret certificate file that lives on your server that talks to Apple s APNS. This certificate identifies you and your application so that Apple can both trust you as the originator of the notification and know that the device has asked to receive the notification. Second, there s also going to be a custom mobileprovision file that identifies your application to the system to receive its notifications. In addition, you will need to use a custom, unique application ID in the program portal. You cannot use a wildcard application ID for this, because each application needs to be addressed individually. Once you have created this certificate, it will be used to authenticate and encrypt your connection to Apple s push notification servers using SSL. Because the topic is encryption, which is a genuinely tough subject and because there are so many steps (that can go wrong), creating certificates is one of the most dreaded tasks in iPhone development. If you re new to this, follow along the first time through, which will demystify the process along the way, and just get it done.
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First, the code instructs the Report Server to render the report in XML b. As listing 13.3 shows, rendering the report is as simple as calling the Notification. Report.Render method. It really can t be simpler! Once the report is rendered, its payload is exposed as one or more streams c. As we noted in chapter 12, if you request the report in one of the HTML multistream rendering formats (all HTML formats except MHTML), the first stream will include 478
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Now that we have a loaded XML tree, we need to read the books out of the XML and display them to the user. Before investigating how we can display the books, let s look at the XML that is returned, shown in listing 11.15
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You can also email your notes by touching the Envelope icon at the bottom of the screen, just as you can in the Notes app. To edit a note, just touch the Pencil icon at the bottom of the screen. This brings up the editing screen. When you are done editing, tap the Save button in the upper right corner.
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Figure 3-2. The LINQ to XML class hierarchy
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people skills.
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Next, we ll call fseek() to move the file position indicator to the end of the file. Can you see what s coming
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Searching Binary Trees
Necessities and Accessories
The Configuration object is used to configure NHibernate. The application uses a Configuration instance to specify the location of mapping documents and to set NHibernate-specific properties before creating the ISessionFactory.
Figure 11 1. Choosing a recipient for an SMS message
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