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<RingBufferTarget eventsPerSec="0" processingTime="0" totalEventsProcessed="1" eventCount="1" droppedCount="0" memoryUsed="424"> <event name="deprecation_final_support" package="sqlserver" id="207" version="1" timestamp="2008-10-30T08:54:31.689Z"> <data name="feature"> <type name="unicode_string" package="package0" /> <value>DATABASEPROPERTY</value> <text /> </data> <data name="message"> <type name="unicode_string" package="package0" /> <value>DATABASEPROPERTY will be removed in the next version of SQL Server. Avoid using this feature in new development work, and plan to modify applications that currently use it.</value> <text />
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The overlapping squares icon opens the counterpart for this file, just like the shortcut . The last icon on the row, the lock, lets you make a file read only. If you re just browsing a file, you can mark it as read only so you don t accidentally introduce any changes, in case (for example) the cat jumps up and walks on the keyboard. Right below the lock, at the top of the scrollbar, is the split button. Click it to split the source window in half, allowing you to see two places of your file at once, as in Figure 7-24. You can resize each with the split bar.
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If you need to, you can also disable or enable a full-text index:
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Working with Contacts
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Building your first Visual Web Part
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Navigate to SharePoint Central Administration by choosing Start, Administrative Tools, SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration. Click the Operations tab. In the Security Configuration section, click Manage Settings for Single Sign-On. Click Manage Server Settings in the Server Settings section. Set the Single Sign-On Adminis- Figure 3.3 The Single Sign-On Service Log On Properties where you need to change the trative Account, which will be able account used to create, edit, and delete application definitions for SSO. This account must be an Individual Domain User or a Global Domain Group Account. It must also be the same as the Configuration Account if you ve specified a user account. If you specify a global group, then it must be the same group that contains the configuration account. Set this in the format DomainName\AccountName. Set the Enterprise Application Definition Administrator Account. The user/ group here will be able to configure the credential mapping for each application definition. Configure this in the format DomainName\AccountName. Set the SQL Server database name, including the instance name if one exists, for example, MOSS01\OfficeServer or MOSS01. Set the Ticket Time-Out, or leave it alone. (SSO issues a ticket when a request is made by an authorized user. The ticket includes the encrypted username and password of the authenticated user, as well as the time-out. The time-out is set to two minutes by default, which is recommended.) Finally, set the number of days to keep audit records. The default is 10 days.
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In this example, the data fields are accessed directly. This is usually a bad idea; it means that users of the class depend upon the names of fields, which constrains the modifications that can be made later. In C#, rather than writing a member function to access a private value, you d use a property, which gives the benefits of a member function while retaining the user model of a field. See 19 for more information.
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CHAPTER 17: Future Paths
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And listing 5.38 shows the same with a for statement.
You can now configure the cache-expiration policies using the region name. When query caching is enabled, the cache regions are as follows:
The On Schedule evaluation mode lets you enable policies to be checked on a scheduled basis. This mode ensures that the overhead of active policy checking doesn t impact performance. When you choose this mode, the policy creator selects a schedule, which creates SQL Agent jobs to run the scheduled policy checks. Now that we ve looked at the process of importing policies and covered the evaluation modes, let s walk through the process of creating a new policy to check database properties such as AutoClose and AutoShrink.
One thing you should know about FileMaker Pro s AppleScript support is that it s designed for manipulating the data in existing databases, not constructing new ones. You still have to do tasks such as creating new databases and editing their layouts using FileMaker Pro s graphical interface. As a result, you ll find that many properties and elements are noneditable. For example, you can t use AppleScript to create and delete database or layout elements, and you can change only one important property, cellValue, using the set command. Although this might sound like a significant limitation, it really isn t. The beauty of scripting FileMaker Pro isn t in how you can construct the database but rather in how you can use an already established database to help you with script execution. Given an existing database, you can use AppleScript to get and set the values of records cells, create and delete records, and perform advanced operations such as finding and sorting records. As a scripter, I like that I can use FileMaker Pro to put together a back-end database for my script with minimal effort. I can give the users a nice user interface, set up reports, control security in a jiffy, and best of all, have full access to the underlying data. Although the following sections describe the important aspects of FileMaker Pro scripting, they are by no means a comprehensive guide. FileMaker Pro does come with a database that explains the different classes and commands available to scripters.
For small databases with low usage, storing everything on a single disk may work perfectly fine, but as the usage and database size increases, file separation is a crucial configuration step in ensuring the ongoing performance and stability of database servers. In addition to increasing throughput, creating physically separate storage volumes enables I/O bottlenecks to be spotted much more easily, particularly with the introduction of the new Activity Monitor, covered in chapter 14, which breaks down response time per disk volume. As with object separation across physically separate disk volumes, using multiple data files isn t a default setting, yet deserves consideration given its various advantages.
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CHAPTER 2: Typing Tips, Copy/Paste and Search
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