Typically, constant names are all capitals to distinguish them from variables. Tip in Microsoft Word

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Your project window features a toolbar across the top, which gives you ready access to a bunch of commonly used commands. Below the toolbar, the window is divided into three main sections, or panes. The pane that runs down the left side of the window is called the Groups & Files pane. All of the resources that make up your project are grouped here, as are a number of relevant project settings. Clicking on the little triangle to the left of an item expands that item to show any available sub-items. If you click on the triangle to the left of an expanded item, you will hide its sub-items. The top right pane is called the Detail View and shows you detailed information about items selected in the Groups & Files pane. If nothing is selected in the Groups & Files pane, the Detail View shows all the files that make up your project. The lower right pane is called the Editor pane. If you select a single file in either the Groups & Files pane or the Detail pane, and Xcode knows how to display or edit that kind of file, the contents of the file will be displayed in the Editor pane. This is where you will be writing and editing all of your application s source code.
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Notice the last line of the report. This tells you where your docset has been saved (if the folder structure doesn t already exist, the script creates it). This is where Xcode will look by default for nonApple documentation. If you navigate to this folder in the Finder (~/Library/Developer/Shared/Documentation/DocSets/) you will see a new docset icon (see Figure 8-13). In my case, this had the name org.doxygen.Project.docset. The option for the organization prefix (which you should probably set to your own value) and the name were other parameters that you can set in Doxygen, and I leave this as exercises for the reader!
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function parameter, returning the count of elements against which the specified condition is true. We have already used the Count operator in the Grouping Operator section; see Listing 1-19 for an example of the Count operator.
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To register the service with the locator at the farm level, a user with farm administrator privileges must register the service during the installation of the solution. Both FeatureInstalled and FeatureUninstalling use the static method GetCurrent of the SharePointServiceLocator object to retrieve the current service locator. The service locator configuration object is also a service registered with the service locator, and you locate it by using the GetInstance method using the IServiceLocatorConfig interface. When an instance of the service locator configuration object is retrieved, the
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#import <UIKit/UIKit.h> @interface einSwitch003AppDelegate : NSObject <UIApplicationDelegate, UITabBarControllerDelegate> { UITabBarController *tabBarController; UIWindow *window; } @property (nonatomic, retain) IBOutlet UIWindow *window; @property (nonatomic, retain) IBOutlet UITabBarController *tabBarController; @end
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The MOM Sizer spreadsheet is OK for giving you an estimate on hardware requirements, but it does not cover different scenarios that could affect the hardware you need to purchase. As with all sizer tools, the spreadsheet should be used just to provide a guide rather than a definite answer.
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Note Message dispatching might seem like a convoluted and inefficient procedure, but it is highly optimized.
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PowerShell is syntactically quite similar to C#. For example, the flow-control statements are mostly the same in PowerShell as they are in C# (except that PowerShell is not case-sensitive). There are, however, a number of common problems that C# users encounter when they start using PowerShell. These problems stem from the fact that PowerShell has shell-like parsing and semantics. These issues are documented at some length in chapter 11, but we ll reiterate them here in a condensed form.
Single Words
NOTE: Learning Objective-C is advised, even if you prefer some other language. I have a strong C++ and C# background and the Objective-C syntax looked very odd at first glance. I wasn t happy at the prospect of learning a new programming language that was said to be old and outdated. Not surprisingly, I struggled for a while to get the hang of writing code in a programming language that required me to let go of old habits and expectations. Don t let the thought of programming with Objective-C distract you, though. It does require some getting used to, but it pays off soon enough, if only for the sheer amount of documentation available. I promise you won t look back!
The form represents the application s main window. Use the /t:winexe switch to tell the compiler that you are building a Windows Forms application. If you don t, you ll see
Configure web and database servers, assign X groups to roles, configure authentication
To get useful information about your SQL Server s behavior, you need to combine the use of both PerfMon and Profiler (server-side traces are a good alternative to Profiler). That s because of the fundamental nature of each tool. PerfMon is great at showing the overall resource consumption of most every area of Windows and of SQL Server. Profiler, on the other hand, shows you specific events as they occur (or fire) inside the SQL Server. By combining the output of both tools, we get a great view of overall resource consumption and the individual SQL Server events that are causing that resource consumption. When resource consumption, say CPU or Disk I/O, gets unacceptably high, we can tell exactly what statement, batch, or job caused it. That way, we know exactly where to focus our attention when rewriting or tuning a particular SQL Server activity.
Most chrome implementations will have at least three buttons on the upper right of the window: Minimize, Maximize/Restore, and Close. When you use the normal OS chrome, those buttons are provided for you. When using custom chrome, you ll need to set the window state or call the Close method on the Application.Current.MainWindow object. Listing 5.4 shows how to handle these functions in an application with custom chrome. The Grid is assumed to be the main layout root in MainPage.xaml.
Handling simultaneous changes
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