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Compared to the results for map_search_five, the performance is better in some cases, but worse in others.
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In more complicated applications, there may be several such interactions with the user before a particular business process is complete. This leads to the notion of a conversation (sometimes called a long transaction, user transaction, application transaction, or business transaction). We prefer the terms conversation and user transaction because they re less vague and emphasize the transaction aspect from the user s point of view. During these long user-based transactions, you can t rely on the database to enforce isolation or atomicity of concurrent conversations. Isolation becomes something your application needs to deal with explicitly and may even require getting the user s input.
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Numeric sum of the values in a collection Single array of unique objects from a collection of arrays Array of unique objects Single set of unique objects from a collection of sets Single array of objects from a collection of arrays Single array of objects Single set of objects from a collection of sets
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Behaviors, triggers, and actions are odd things. They can be virtually anything, do virtually anything. Between stock behaviors and community-created ones, I ve seen everything from TextBox edit masks, to drag and drop, to physics, to effects, automatic animations, and even ICommand substitutes for calling methods on events. Because behaviors and animation are so closely tied to Expression Blend, I figured I d pop them in here. They re reusable designer-friendly components. They interact with the UI, but aren t controls. While lumped together, behaviors, triggers, and actions are conceptually different. Behaviors are self-contained units of functionality that act as a bit of a sidecar to an existing object. They go along for the ride and respond to the environment in which the object exists. Triggers are much like the built-in triggers we ve seen in this chapter, but more flexible in their applications. Actions are simpler in concept; they re attached to an object and provide a way to invoke some functionality. The common way to refer to all three is by calling them behaviors, so that s what we ll do in this chapter. One example of an action we ve already seen was the CallMethodAction in chapter 16. That action allows an arbitrary event to invoke an arbitrary method on an arbitrary object. Even outside the scope of the ViewModel pattern, that s a pretty powerful component to make available to the designer. The scope and power of behaviors are best understood by example. In order to try them out, we need to first perform a bit of project setup to pull in the right core bits. In order to work with behaviors, you ll need to reference two Expression Blend SDK libraries. If you have Expression Blend already installed, the SDK will be under Program Files\Microsoft SDKs. If you don t have Blend installed, you can still download the SDK from; it s free and doesn t require Expression Blend on the machine. Once you have the SDK installed, reference the two Blend libraries as shown in figure 22.12. The final step is to add the appropriate namespaces into your XAML files. We ll be working with MainPage.xaml for the remaining examples, so place the following two namespace declarations in the top element of that file:
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ElapsedEventHandler tickHandler = new ElapsedEventHandler(Tick); timer.Elapsed += tickHandler;
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Saving Time with AutoFill
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set its Title attribute to Title: (or whatever you prefer), click the Draws background checkbox, and then click the Background color well to set a color.
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Getting Photos onto Your iPhone 4
The implementation is simple. In MainViewController.m put the method implementation immediately after the sayHello method (see the bold code in Listing 4 8).
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