[Test] public void IsValidLogFileName_ValidName_RemembersTrue() { LogAnalyzer3 log = new LogAnalyzer3(); Asserts on property value, log.IsValidLogFileName("somefile.slf"); not return value Assert.IsTrue(log.WasLastFileNameValid); }
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Requesting reports with SOAP As we saw in chapter 8, the RS Web service provides a series of methods that you can use to query and manage the report catalog. It also provides methods related to report rendering and execution. The pivotal method is the Render method, which you can use to render reports on demand. It takes several arguments that you have to set before invoking the method, such as an array of parameters for parameterized reports, the export format, specific device settings, and so on. If the method succeeds, it returns the report payload as a byte array. In most cases, this means that an extra step is needed on your part, as the developer, to render the report to the user. For example, this may involve saving the byte array to a file and shelling out to it. Invoking the Render method To understand how you can call the Render method, let s return to the AccessOptions application we used in section 10.3. This time we will see how we can request the report with SOAP. To do so, select the second radio button called Web Service. When you click the Run Report button, AccessOptions invokes RunByWS function, whose abbreviated code is shown in listing 10.4.
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The managedObjectModel Accessor Method
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About the Technical Reviewer
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<statementBlockRule> = '{' <statementListRule> '}' <statementListRule> = <statementRule> [ <statementSeparatorToken> <statementRule> ]*
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Implementing custom authorization Once authenticated, our custom authorization model needs to verify that the user has adequate rights to perform the attempted action. How involved this will get will depend on your security requirements. In the simplest case, you won t have to change the authorization code included in the Microsoft sample at all. Its authorization implementation checks to see whether the user has permissions to perform the requested action. If you don t need to support assigning users to groups, the sample authorization implementation will most likely suffice for your needs. Similarly to the authentication model, the authorization process starts when the Report Server calls IAuthorizationExtension.SetConfiguration to give your custom authorization extension a chance to configure itself using the setting in the configuration file. In our case, the configuration section includes only the administrator s name. This is needed because we want to bypass the authorization check if the user has admin rights. Depending on the type of attempted action, the Report Server will call different CheckAccess overloads. For example, in the case when a report is requested, the Report Server will call the following overload:
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This shows how to bind the value of a CLR property to a UI element at runtime. The preceding code binds the current time of day to the TextBox created in XAML. You first retrieve the DateTime object that represents the current moment in time. This object is then bound to the UI element (the TextBox) in just four lines of code. These four lines of code specify the source, the binding mode, and the target of a binding. The source of a binding is made up of two codependent items that specify which property of a CLR object to bind to. The name of the property to bind to is set when you create a Binding instance through the constructor. This constructor takes a single string parameter, which represents the name of the property to bind to. This property belongs to a CLR object that must be associated with a Binding through the Source property. Once this happens, the source of the binding is officially set. You can then choose a BindingMode, which we ll cover in section 11.1.2 (in this case, OneWay). Once the source and binding mode have been set, you need to turn your focus to the target. The target element of a binding will always derive from the DependencyObject class. Virtually every visual element in Silverlight can be a target because the DependencyObject class exposes a method called SetBinding. This method associates a target property, which must be a dependency property, with a Binding instance. After this method is called, the source will be bound to the target. Occasionally, you may want to unbind a data source. Fortunately, data binding can be halted by manually setting the target property of a binding. For example:
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*cPtr++ = 0;
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Validating properties You can further enhance your custom Editor Part with validation. Validation ensures that users enter a correct value to avoid error messages in the Web Parts. If you have a percentage input, you could validate the property so that its value is between 0 Figure 5.6 Adding an Editor Part to the and 100. Not only does the validation avoid unnecWeb Part allows the developer to control essary error messages, it also improves the overall the logic in the tool pane. The properties user experience. may appear both in a custom Editor Part You should use validation when it s applicaand in the default interface if the WebBrowsable attribute is present on ble, but you shouldn t rely on it. The validation the property declaration. is only used when users are editing the Web Part in the web interface using the custom Editor Part. If they re editing the Web Part in code or manually editing it with SharePoint Designer, the custom Editor Part and its validation won t be used. As usual, you always need good error handling in your Web Part. 8 explains how to implement good exception handling and error messages. In the RSS Web Part, the RSS feed URL should be validated so that it s a valid URL. You accomplish this by adding a regular expression validation control. Add the control in the CreateChildControls method, directly after adding the feed URL text box:
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89 more lines of XAML to follow Of course, the artist who created the magnifying glass didn t hand-code this XAML, and it would be very unusual for that to ever be done. Instead, he used a tool like Microsoft Expression Design, and then exported the image as XAML. Expect to see more tools for doing this, as well as more precreated libraries.
<h3>An image as embedded resource</h3> <asp:Image runat="server" id="EmbedImage" />
resources/documentation/Windows/XP/all/reskit/en-us/Default.asp url=/ resources/documentation/Windows/XP/all/reskit/en-us/prdp_log_hghx.asp.
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