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Listing 6 Finding expensive stored procedures, sorted by average worker time
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- (void)reset:(id)sender; - (void)raiseSheet; - (void)closeSheet:(id)sender; - (void)displayCmdLine:(NSString *)headerStr; @end
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<channel ref="http" port="6789" /> </channels> </application> </system.runtime.remoting> </configuration>
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How JOIN uses affect you
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16.4.4 Interfaces, IoC, and ViewModel locators
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Let s get back to our LINQ to Text Files example from sections 5.1.4 and 5.2.1. This example clearly demonstrates the ability of LINQ to Objects to query various data sources. As significant as this example is, we d like to point out that it suffers from a potential problem: the use of ReadAllLines. This method returns an array populated with all the lines from the CSV file. This is fine for small files with few lines, but imagine a file with a lot of lines. The program can potentially allocate an enormous array in memory! Moreover, the query somewhat defeats the standard deferred execution we expect with a LINQ query. Usually, the execution of a query is deferred, as we demonstrated in chapter 3. This means that the query doesn t execute before we start to iterate it, using a foreach loop for example. Here, ReadAllLines executes immediately and loads the complete file in memory, before any iteration happens. Of course, this consumes a lot of memory, but in addition, we load the complete file while we may not process it completely. LINQ to Objects has been designed to make the most of deferred query execution. The streaming approach it uses also saves resources, like memory and CPU. It s important to walk down the same path whenever possible. There are several ways to read text from a file using the .NET Framework. File.ReadAllLines is simply one. A better solution for our example is to use a streaming approach for loading the file. This can be done with a StreamReader object. It will allow us to save resources and give us a smoother execution. In order to integrate the StreamReader in the query, an elegant solution is to create a custom query operator, as Eric White suggests in his example.5 See Listing 5.28.
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Figure 6 4. Selecting a Bluetooth device
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To meet this objective, you can use a table trigger attached to the Product table to invoke FireEvent when a new record is added to this table. We will see an example of how this scenario could be implemented in chapter 14. Managing jobs Sometimes, you may need to examine the current task activity of the Report Server. For example, users may complain that reports are taking a long time to execute and you need to find out how many report requests are pending. To see the list of all running jobs, click the Manage Jobs link in the Other section of the Site Settings page. For example, figure 7.5 shows that we are currently executing the Sales By Territory Interactive report. 222
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NOTE: You will return to your Photo Library, not to the contact. If you want to check that the picture did get set to your contact, exit the Photo app, start the Contact app, and then search for that contact.
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Control we can pass
This table shows the properties of the DependencyPropertyChangedEventArgs structure. This structure is associated with the dependency property that was changed. To get the object that this property is associated with, you must rely on the first parameter passed from the PropertyChangedCallback. This parameter represents the DependencyObject whose property value was changed, so you ll most likely need to perform a conversion, as shown here:
The dollar sign ($) is the Unix command-line prompt, and countWords is the name of the program we are running. countWords might prompt us for the name of a text file and then go count its words. Another approach would be to launch the program like so:
Listing 6.23 Filtering child objects using All
The MCMS Installation Wizard attempts to detect required software components before it installs MCMS components. If the software is not detected, MCMS will not install a component dependent on the missing component. The wizard will stop and post an error message that installation was unsuccessful.
Listing 9.10 Parsing a string of XML to an XElement
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