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Do you see the problem with this code Which if does the else belong to As written (and as formatted), the else looks like it belongs to the first if. That is, if myInt is greater than or equal to 0, the second if is executed; otherwise, the second printf() is executed. Is this right Nope. As it turns out, an else belongs to the if closest to it (the second if, in this case). Here s a slight rewrite:
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Anti-pattern: hidden test call
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containing a single object. The default behavior in PowerShell is to assume that if you return one element, you intended to return a scalar. In this case, the scalar is the string aaa and index 0 of this array is the letter a , which is what the example returns. This is where you use the array subexpression notation. You know what you want the pipeline to return, and by using this notation, you can enforce the correct behavior. Here are the same three examples again, but this time using the array subexpression:
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Check the weather.
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Locate the person in your home who originally purchased this song. Ask him to authorize your computer. (If you hit any authorization issues, then you ll find 3: Sync Your iPhone with iTunes useful; this chapter explains how to authorize your computers for iTunes.) Once your computer is authorized, you should be able to enjoy the music or video.
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if (index >= 0) { // Show the last image added _album.CurrentPosition = index; Invalidate(); }
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And here s the response:
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interface. Binding to LINQ data is as simple as binding to any other collection. For example, suppose we have an object called AnimalView that has a property called JustTheAs that returns the results of our previous query.
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private int _nPixelDlgIndex;
if ( ! mySecondBool ) printf( "mySecondBool must be false" );
try; catch; section 2.3.2, page 58)
Name Business Data Connectivity Filter Choice Filter Current User Filter Date Filter Filter Actions Page Field Filter PerformancePoint Filter Query String Filter SharePoint List Filter SQL Server Analysis Server Filter Text Filter
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Now that we ve discussed the application definition file, let s walk through the real-world steps for how to create and import your ADF. As we mentioned at the start of this chapter, you probably won t want to write one of these files by hand. So we ll use the Lightning Tools BDC Meta Man tool to configure our ADF. We ll then upload it to the Shared Services Provider so that we can begin to use our business data within SharePoint. In order for these steps to work, you ll need the Northwind database installed in SQL Server. The Northwind database can be found here: FamilyID=06616212-035646A0-8DA2-EEBC53A68034&displaylang=en For this exercise to work, we re going to use the free version of BDC Meta Man to generate an application definition file.
CHAPTER 5: Frameworks in Xcode
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Sometimes what you want isn t actually a host window in an out-of-browser application but rather just the ability to take your in- or out-of-browser application to full screen, overlaying even the operating system shell UI elements. Yes, Silverlight can do that too.
An example demonstrates these traits. Imagine you wish to write a program that counts the number of lines in a project s C source files and displays the total number of lines. Further, imagine that the project directory contains two subdirectories, each of which contains project code. Tasks include finding all source files ending in .c under the project directory, counting the number of lines in each source file, summing the source lines, and printing the result. One approach is to write a single program that performs all the tasks. The program would contain code, possibly structured as functions or classes, which handles each task. Although this is a perfectly legitimate design, it is not the way most UNIX users would attack the problem. A UNIX design would be based on a collection of small, simple programs linked together to collectively solve the problem. New code would be written only if a link in the chain did not already exist. This goes hand in hand with making every program a filter programs do not know whether their input is coming from a user or another program, nor should they care whether the user, or still another program, is using their results. To find the source files, you could use the find command; to count the lines, and the wc command. To connect to commands, you use a pipe.14 Using two commands and a pipe, you can solve without writing any new code. Here is the command to perform the task:
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