typeof(Colors).GetProperties(BindingFlags.Static|BindingFlags.Public); Color stepColor; foreach (PropertyInfo pi in colorProperties) { if (pi.PropertyType == typeof(Color)) { stepColor = (Color)pi.GetValue(null, null); namedColors[stepColor] = pi.Name; } } }
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Both the JSON and SOAP endpoints require the use of assemblies in the RIA Services Toolkit, which can be installed, like all other Silverlight tools, using the Microsoft Web Platform Installer.3 If you performed a default Silverlight 4 tools installation with RIA Services, you have the toolkit installed. If you don t have a toolkit folder under the Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\RIA Services 1.0\ folder, you can manually install the toolkit from From the web project, you ll need to add an assembly reference to the Microsoft.ServiceModel.DomainServices.Hosting assembly in the RIA Services toolkit. Figure 17.7 shows the Add Reference dialog with the correct assembly selected.
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CHAPTER 2: Chess on the Net: Correspondence Gaming with Deep Green
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The Add Scope Rule, which sets the rule for the content source
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firstPress: LINQ to ADO.NET
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a. In Solution Explorer, click the MyPhotoAlbum project. b. Open the Project menu. c. Select Add Class .
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Some features, like device orientation, can be simulated using menu items or keyboard shortcuts, but this comes nowhere close to the experience of a real device. And certain hardware features, like multitouch input, accelerometer, vibration, or obtaining location information can t be tested at all on the simulator because your computer s hardware can t simulate these features. No, it doesn t help to shake your Mac or touch its screen. Try it if you don t believe me.
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The DimRotated object measures the length of the projection of a line onto a direction specified by an angle from the X-axis. Set DimRotatedObject = Object.AddDimRotated(Point1, Point2, _ DimLocationPoint, RotationAngle) Table 11-11 shows the AddDimRotated method s parameters. Table 11-11. The AddDimRotated Method s Parameters
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PS (8) > get-history Id -1 2 3 4 5 6 7 CommandLine ----------cd c:\files doskey /macros:powershell.exe doskey /exename=powershell.exe `... doskey /macros:powershell.exe dir | { $_.PSIsContainer } dir -rec | { $_.PSIsContainer } doskey /exename=powershell.exe /h
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This operator uses the predicate function against the elements of a sequence and returns True if all of them satisfy the predicate condition. Let s see the method s prototype:
One implementation approach could be to filter the report sections at the data source. Then, you can use a data-bound list region to repeat the sections returned by the report query. But what if the database-driven approach is not an option Ideally, in this case you would want to generate the report sections programmatically, similar to the way you can create dynamic controls in WinForm or web-based .NET applications. Unfortunately, dynamically generating report items is currently not supported by RS. As a workaround, you can programmatically generate the report definition. Once you get the list of the selected sections by the user, you can load the report RDL in an XML Document Object Model (DOM) and create as many report list items as the number of the selected sections. Next, you can make a call to the report execution SOAP endpoint, which can run a report without publishing.
Now preview the report, as shown in figure 3.25. Note that changing the year results in refreshing the Product Category drop-down list so only product categories associated with that year are shown. You may think that the parameter settings (available, default, and null values) that you set using the Report Parameters dialog box are useful only if the report includes the standard report toolbar. Actually, this is not the case. Before the report is processed, the
The predicate string has a key path on the left-hand side. This key path digs into the car, finds the engine, and then finds the horsepower of the engine. Next, it compares that value with 150 to see if it s larger. After we evaluate this against Herbie, match has the value of NO, because little Herbie s horsepower (58) is not greater than 150. Checking an object against a particular predicate s truth is all well and good, but things get more interesting when you have collections of objects. Say we wanted to see which cars in our garage are the most powerful. We can loop through the cars and test each one with this predicate:
To use bcp from the command line, copy the following line and paste it into a command window:
That s pretty much it. If we run the application now, we ve created a perfect navelgazing application that looks at itself (figure 12.25).
Private Sub DisplayDelegateInfo(ByVal D As MulticastDelegate) Dim TheDelegate As System.Delegate Trace.WriteLine("====") Trace.WriteLine(D.ToString()) For Each TheDelegate In D.GetInvocationList() Trace.WriteLine("*****") With TheDelegate.Method Trace.WriteLine("Method: " + .Name)
Table 2-1. Primitive Numeric Types
The File System Editor
PS (9) > out-file -encoding blah Out-File : Cannot validate argument "blah" because it does not belong to the set "unicode, utf7, utf8, utf32, ascii, b igendianunicode, default, oem". At line:1 char:19 + out-file -encoding <<<< blah PS (10) >
XML is ubiquitous nowadays, and is used extensively in applications written using general-purpose languages such as C# or VB.NET. It is used to exchange data between applications, store configuration information, persist temporary data, generate web pages or reports, and perform many other things. It is everywhere! Until now, XML hasn t been natively supported by most programming languages, which therefore required the use of APIs to deal with XML data. These APIs include XmlDocument, XmlReader, XPathNavigator, XslTransform for XSLT, and SAX and XQuery implementations. The problem is that these APIs are not well integrated with programming languages, often requiring several lines of unnecessarily convoluted code to achieve a simple result. You ll see an example of this in the next section (see listing 1.13). But for the moment, let s see what LINQ to XML has to offer. LINQ to XML extends the language-integrated query features offered by LINQ to add support for XML. It offers the expressive power of XPath and XQuery but in our programming language of choice and with type safety and IntelliSense. If you ve worked on XML documents with .NET, you probably used the XML DOM (Document Object Model) available through the System.Xml namespace. LINQ to XML leverages experience with the DOM to improve the developer toolset and avoid the limitations of the DOM. Table 1.2 compares the characteristics of LINQ to XML with those of the XML DOM.
WCF RIA Services
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