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Render transforms XAML:
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Reading XML and updating a database
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Designing a form Figure 7.10 shows the default IDE layout which you can customize to your own preferences. It shows the Forms Designer window in the center. To its left is the toolbox containing controls which you can drag onto the form. The Solution Explorer, top right, lists the files and references in the project, while the properties of the currently selected control are shown in the Properties window at bottom right. By default, the new form is called Form1. You can change this by clicking the form to select it and changing its Name in the Properties window. We ll just accept the default control names as we work through the example. To build our simplified poker GUI, we just need 5 cards, 5 hold check boxes, and a DEAL/DRAW button. In the toolbox, click the PictureBox control. Then click the form. This should place a PictureBox on the form. Repeat this procedure four more times to create 5 PictureBox controls to display the cards. Lay them out leftto-right across the form. For each PictureBox, select its Image property from the properties windows, open the File Dialog box and select cb.gif to display the back of a playing card in the PictureBox. Next, select the CheckBox from the toolbox and drop it on the form. From the Properties window, change its Text to HOLD. Repeat this procedure to place a HOLD check box under each card. Finally, select a Button control from the toolbox and place it at the bottom of the form. Using the Properties window, change its text to DEAL. By now, the forms designer window should be similar to that shown in Figure 7.11.
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Iterator Pattern
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The next, more detailed approach that cloud providers take to provide visibility into the health of their operations comes in the form of dashboards that are updated in real time. These dashboards show the performance of the cloud vendors major service offerings on an aggregate basis. They display historical data, typically over the last month. When operations are normal, they re marked by a green indicator. Abnormal states are depicted in yellow, often with annotations describing the general cause. Red, as you may imagine, indicates a critical failure of the service, such as a total outage. In figure 8.4, you can compare the operational dashboards of Amazon and Azure. You can see a remarkable similarity in the look and feel of the two screens with respect to their layout and the style with which they re rendered. Some vendors also give a more granular breakdown of the performance of their major systems by publishing real-time statistics of the core operational parameters important for each specific system. These views provide a historical look-back capability over the last month to figure out any trends developing over time. In figure 8.5, you see that Google AppEngine Datastore service performance is described in terms of three parameters:
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A variety of authentication options are available. The method best suited for your installation depends on security, simplicity, and other requirements. read barcode 128 ai
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It is worth noting here that the InitializeComponent method is called from the Form1 constructor. In chapter 1, we initialized our Form object in the constructor as well. Visual Studio uses a separate method for this purpose in order to encapsulate the auto-generated code for the program. This line assigns the STAThread attribute to our Main function. This ensures that the main application thread runs as a single threaded apartment so that operations such as drag and drop and the clipboard will work correctly. Strictly speaking, we should have done this in chapter 1 as well (we did not in order to keep the number of discussion points down). Apartments and threading are a bit beyond our discussion here, so for now just accept that this line is needed for the form to properly interact with the clipboard and other parts of the Windows operating system.
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ASP.NET and Web Parts
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CREATE TABLE customer ( customerId int identity NOT NULL CONSTRAINT PKcustomer PRIMARY KEY, customerNumber char(10) NOT NULL CONSTRAINT AKcustomer_customerNumber UNIQUE )
iPhone programming is embedded systems programming. Although you can expect Cocoa Touch devices to become faster and faster over time, programming for the iPhone is closer to that of a Nintendo DS or a LART box than a desktop computer. Our examples will seem slow before you optimize on the new, faster iPhone 3GS, just less so than on the original device. It s always helpful to learn some embedded system programmers tricks by programming for even more limited devices like LARTs or SBCs. You can often sort of fake it til you make it when it comes to code that requires a lot of system resources. UI response variability is particularly annoying; users don t know why your app is slow on the Edge network. Sometimes it s slow; sometimes it s not. I dunno why. is a phrase to which I m becoming perhaps too accustomed, but I strive never to hear it. Clever caching of data while remaining responsive to the user s input through concurrent programming can make an application shine, even when it isn t really doing anything more than what it did before. iPhone devices are severely memory constrained, disk read/write speed constrained, and bandwidth constrained when compared to their bigger iron cousins. Remember that UI and data share RAM, so you might get memory warnings at seemingly strange times. You ll notice some CPU and memory monitoring code in some of the example code.
individual s web application, and now this script that was never intended to be used with untrusted input is being used for exactly that in a network-facing application. Not a good situation. Let s see what we can do to make it more robust and also run faster at the same time. A safer, faster wheres script The problem with the old script was that it used Invoke-Expression to evaluate an expression at runtime. We want to use scriptblocks to be a bit more static in our approach. The solution is shown in listing 13.3.
foreach (string s in Directory.GetFiles( PhotoAlbum.DefaultDir, "*.abm")) { // Create a node for this album String baseName = Path. GetFileNameWithoutExtension(s); TreeNode albumNode = new TreeNode(baseName, new TreeNode[] { new TreeNode("child") }); albumNode.Tag = s;
If there s a reasonable chance that the input string contains invalid characters, which means that Parse will be unable to convert to the appropriate type and throw an exception, you should use the TryParse method instead. Rather than throwing an exception if the input can t be successfully converted, TryParse instead returns a Boolean that indicates the success of the conversion, with the result of the conversion returned as an out parameter: Console.WriteLine("Please enter an integer and press Enter"); int numberEntered; while(!int.TryParse(Console.ReadLine(), out numberEntered)){ Console.WriteLine("Please try again"); } Console.WriteLine("You entered " + numberEntered.ToString()); In the .NET Framework versions 1.0 and 1.1, double was the only type that had a TryParse method. For 2.0, the number of types that offer a TryParse method has been expanded and now includes all numeric types, char, DateTime, and TimeSpan.
Figure 3 21. Your application doesn t know how to save documents.
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