me quite badly at first. I wondered why the web method call inside the spUpdateRssFeed stored procedure never succeeded. Upon further investigation, I realized that the trigger locks the new record. When the Sales Promotion report tries to read it, the SELECT statement gets deadlocked and the web method call inside spUpdateRssFeed eventually times out. To solve this issue, I added the NOLOCK table hint in the report query. The NOLOCK table hint permits the report to read dirty data that has not yet been committed. For the purposes of the Campaigner scenario, this is fine, because the trigger is defined as AFTER INSERT, which means that the record has been inserted successfully. In other cases, however, you have to take into account the fact that the update operation may fail, in which case the database changes will get rolled back. Invoking the Campaigner Web service The main role of the spUpdateRssFeed stored procedure is to invoke the AW Campaigner web service. The abbreviated spUpdateRssFeed stored procedure code (excluding the error-handling logic) is shown in listing 10.9.
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Listin g 24-3. Retain and Return Problem
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Of course, you can avoid this exercise altogether with a judicious sprinkling of parentheses. As you look through the chart, you ll definitely notice some operators that you haven t learned about yet. As you read through this book and encounter new operators, check back with Table 5-1 to see where they fit in.
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ADO.NET has several namespaces containing classes that represent database objects
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Application files The files that make up our application are separated into three groups: template pages, web user controls, and error pages. The main page of our site is named default.aspx, which is considered a page template because it provides us with a base design or layout of our application. The default.aspx file is responsible for loading user controls into the server-side columns during the Page_Load event. Before we delve into the details of the application, you should understand how pages are constructed. Our application (as are many ASP.NET applications) is based on one page template. The template is a page containing a simple table that has a few server-side columns, which are exposed with the RUNAT=server attribute. By using a page template, you can give your pages a consistent look and feel by simply adding web user controls to the Controls collection of each server-side column. This is efficient because you can easily utilize fragment caching in your web application, if needed. The code for the template page s table appears in listing 3.12.
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The incremental load design pattern is a powerful way to leverage the strengths of the SSIS 2005 data flow task to transport data from a source to a destination. By using this method, you only insert or update rows that are new or have changed.
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Integrating with the browser
After reading this chapter, you should agree that COM+ is an option for you to utilize in your application s design. By utilizing COM+, you ll make your applications more scalable. The COM+ architecture makes available many services that your components can provide to your applications. One of these services is transactional support. In this chapter, we built a simple component that integrates with the application from chapter 3. While showing you how to create the component, we discussed the requirements for creating any component that utilizes COM+. Finally, we talked about the various methods available for installing your components for testing. In the next chapter, we discuss configuring your newly created COM+ component and integrating it into our ASP.NET web application.
I opened the image in Photoshop, cropped it to 537 336 pixels to fit the size I wanted in the disk image window, and reduced the opacity to 20% as a background image it shouldn t overwhelm the icons. I also added a couple of boxes as placeholders for the icons, an arrow, and a message to the user. The final Photoshop image looked like Figure 15 4 (the Layers window is also shown so you can see how the image went together).
Internal Resources
This is a case of the general rule, mentioned earlier, that you can use a statement block wherever a single statement is valid. A.5.2 do The do statement is used for repetition:
See the Featured apps.
These dialogs are created using only the controls discussed in this chapter.
In general, it s a good idea to create reusable items whenever possible. This practice makes your application more maintainable. In fact, creating reusable components is a common idea within object-oriented languages such as C#. But, sometimes, you may have items that represent nonexecutable pieces of data for instance, an image, a media file, or some XAML. These types of content generally fall into one of three categories: declarative resources, loose resources, and bundled resources. We ll cover all three of these categories in this section, beginning with declarative resources, which are fairly different compared to the other two.
Running Your Application
12.7 Working with child jobs
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