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This is enough to get you started. Remember, if it doesn t work out, you can revisit it: this is Agile development!
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$shell = new-object -com WScript.Shell
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22.3 The $ErrorActionPreference variable
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A common pattern in web applications is to pass parameters to a page using the query string. The query string is the set of delimited name/value pairs after the question mark in a URL. For example:
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"all-delete-orphans" aren t meaningful for many-to-many associations, because an
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PS (2) > $("bbb","aaa" | sort )[0] aaa
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Then you need to add a button and a label to this Visual Web Part. When you ve added the button, go to the Design mode of the control and double-click the button. The double-click will automatically generate the click event handler in the user control and its code-behind. The code for the label and the button will look like this:
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Architectural patterns for persistence
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CHAPTER 8: Variable Data Types
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8. 9.
The first thing we ll need to do is select the book that we re interested in. To do this, we can use the Descendants axis method to select all the books in our XML. Once we have all the books, we can filter the list of books down to the single one we re interested in using the Where and First standard query operators, like so:
For the first problem, we can fix this by using an alternate cursor when the Ctrl key is held. The second problem can be addressed by turning off the context menu when Ctrl is pressed. The other problems require that we handle the event that occurs in these situations. The following steps make these changes to finish our example.
The Region Object
About the Technical Reviewer
Now that WPF is here, you don t have to mess around with any of that. You can still set properties to specific values, but you can also set a property s value to depend on the value of something that might change. If your background points at a particular resource dictionary, by changing the value in that dictionary, anything that references that value can be set to automatically change.
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