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You create tabular reports by using the table data region. You can optionally define report groups by grouping the table region data by fields or expressions. Tabular reports with groups The first report that we created in chapter 1, the Sales by Territory report, is an example of a tabular report. Let s enhance it by grouping data. If you preview this report, you will notice that we didn t quite meet the original requirements. The sales management requested that we group the sales data by territory. However, we ve just hidden the duplicated territory names. Let s fix this by using table region groups. The final version of the report is shown in Figure 4.3.
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Figure 2 4. Dealing with Auto-Correction words that are not correct.
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their authentication information is stored in a cookie that times out when the session ends. If you are using .NET Passport for your web site authentication, you cannot use any other authentication method because its functionality is radically different from the other authentication methods.
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Videos & TV Ch. 9
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End the call for everyone.
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First you learned about AppleScript commands and application commands. Then you saw that you can create your own commands, which is OK as long as you make up names for them such as do_this_thing_now. Now, a problem often encountered by AppleScript novices is when they ve just defined a subroutine in a script and it works fine when called from one part of their script but completely fails when called from another part, even though they ve used the same command both times! What gives It all starts when you want to call your subroutine from inside an application tell block. Let s assume you created a subroutine for Valentine s Day called foreplay. If you call it from outside any tell block, all is well. But as soon as you try it from, say, inside the Finder s tell block, you get the following error: Can t continue foreplay. Ouch! A second ago you were fine, but now you re trying it from the Finder, and you can t. That hurts. Here s the foreplay subroutine: on foreplay() --Naughty stuff goes on here! end foreplay foreplay() --This works... tell application "Finder" foreplay() --...but this causes an error: Can't continue foreplay. end tell Don t worry all the script is experiencing here is a bit of uncertainty on top of some performance anxiety. See, when you called the foreplay subroutine from inside the tell block, AppleScript sent the foreplay command to the target object specified by that tell block which in this case is the Finder, not your script. However, the only commands the Finder knows how to handle are the ones defined in its dictionary, and foreplay isn t one of them. At this point the Finder doesn t know what else to do with the command, so it sends a Can t continue error message back to AppleScript, which causes AppleScript to raise the Can t continue foreplay error you see. Next time, try to specify whose foreplay you re trying to perform in this case, your script s. To identify the current script, you refer to AppleScript s special built-in me variable. One way to do this is to use another tell block to change the current target object: tell application "Finder" tell me foreplay() end tell end tell Another, more common way is to add the words of me after the command: tell application "Finder" foreplay() of me end tell You can also write it like this: tell application "Finder" my foreplay() end tell Preceding the subroutine call with the word my tells AppleScript to send the command to the script itself and not to the application that is the target of the tell statement you re in.
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h> @interface IBOutlet IBOutlet IBOutlet IBOutlet IBOutlet IBOutlet IBOutlet IBOutlet IBOutlet IBOutlet IBOutlet IBOutlet AppController : NSObject { NSTextField *nameView; NSTextField *lastKnownLocationView; NSDatePicker *lastSeenDateView; ComboBox *swornEnemyView; NSMatrix *primaryMotivationView; // a matrix of radiobuttons NSMatrix *powersView; // a matrix of checkboxes NSPopUpButton *powerSourceView; NSLevelIndicator *evilnessView; NSImageView *mugshotView; NSTextView *notesView; NSTableView *villainsTableView; NSWindow *window;
Figure 5.6 Using an expression to format conditionally the visibility of the txtExceededGoal textbox
protected void CheckoutButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { // Need to get rid of extra column
private static SolidBrush _textBrush = new SolidBrush(SystemColors.WindowText);
To avoid the overhead of synchronization, some programmers will build their own optimization primitives. In C#, however, some surprising subtleties exist in what the language and runtime guarantee with respect to instruction ordering, especially to those who are familiar with the x86 architecture, which doesn t typically perform these operations. This topic is complex, but it isn t necessary to fully understand it if you stick to the synchronization methods discussed earlier in this chapter. To illustrate this, consider the following example: using System; using System.Threading; class Problem { int x; int y; int curx; int cury; public Problem() { x = 0; y = 0; } public void Process1() { x = 1; cury = y; } public void Process2() { y = 1; curx = x; } public void TestCurrent() { Console.WriteLine("curx, cury: {0} {1}", curx, cury); } }
Listing 19.12 Fade effect ControlTemplate
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