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At the database level, the option CHANGE_RETENTION indicates how long you keep information about rows that have changed. If the applications last checked for changed data before that period started, then they will need to proceed as if the entire table is brand new (so a caching application, for example, will need to reload the entire table and start from scratch). AUTO_CLEANUP is the option that specifies whether this periodic purging should take place, and it can be disabled for troubleshooting purposes. Although this sounds like something that requires SQL Server Agent, it is handled by an internal background task. It will work on all editions of SQL Server, including Express Edition, with or without SQL Server Agent enabled. At the table level, the TRACK_COLUMNS_UPDATED option is used to specify whether the system should store information about which columns were changed, or store the fact that the row was changed. The former can be useful for an application that tries to synchronize or cache data from a table that contains both an INT column and a LOB column (for example, VARCHAR(MAX)). Instead of pulling an identical copy of the LOB column for a row that changed, it can ignore that column and keep its local copy if it knows that it was not a part of any update that has happened since it was last loaded.
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CHAPTER 3: Sync Your iPad with iTunes
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Use the stored procedure sp_scriptdynamicupdproc to generate a custom update stored procedure and use it in place of the automatically generated one. This pays dividends when you update only a small portion of the total columns in the replicated table. You must use the MCALL format in your article in order to use this stored procedure. In my test performing 10,000 singleton updates where one column out of 10 was updated, the performance improvement was 32 percent.
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When we look in BOL at the definition of a replication stored procedure or a replication agent, we find that the permitted values for the parameters are all clearly listed. But it occasionally becomes apparent that there are other acceptable values that have never been documented. The exact number of these hidden parameters is something we ll never know, and in all cases they will be unsupported for the general public. Even so, sometimes they start being used and recommended prior to documentation, usually in order to fix a bug. A case in point is the sp_addpublication procedure, in which there is now the acceptable value of database snapshot for the @sync_method.
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CHAPTER 3: Interface Builder
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This chapter has been quite a brain crunch. We have explored a code-intensive, endto-end example and discussed possible strategies and techniques for integrating WinForm applications with Reporting Services. Traditionally, report-enabling WinForm applications has been a difficult task that has required third-party tools or homegrown solutions. As you have seen, RS fills in this space elegantly and allows you to add ondemand reporting capabilities to both client/server and distributed applications. In this chapter, we discussed the advantages of the rich client for building intranetreporting applications. The Report Wizard code sample demonstrated how we can report-enable WinForm applications using the Client-to-Report Server and Client-toFa ade-to-Report Server design patterns. To enhance the application performance, consider using in-memory caching and executing tasks on a background thread. After reading chapter 9, you should have enough background information to know how to programmatically request reports using either URL or SOAP. More important, you know how to choose between these two options based on your application s requirements. Next, we ll see how we can integrate RS with the second most popular type of application web-based.
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Music videos are available for your iPad from a number of sources. Often, if you buy a Deluxe album from iTunes, it might include a music video or two. Music videos can also be purchased from the iTunes store, and many record companies and recording artists make them available for free on their websites. Music videos will automatically get sorted into the Music Videos section of your Videos app. Touch the Music Videos tab and start playing the video. The controls work just as they do in all other video applications.
Inside the main method of, we first check for the presence of three arguments b: the type of call to be performed (blogcosmos, linkcosmos, or outbound), the search term (either a URL or a search expression), and the filename to which the resulting OPML is to be written. Next, we create an instance of the Technorati object by calling its default constructor C. Note that the Technorati object will look for your Technorati string in a file called technorati.licence, so when you run the program, make sure you have that file in the root of your classpath. Depending on the type of query that was specified on the command line, we next call either getWeblogCosmos(), getLinkCosmos(), or getOutbound(), passing in the search term D. We open up the output file, call tapi2opml() to write the query results to a string, and then write that string to the output file E. That s all there is to the main method. In the tapi2opml() method F, we use a simplistic approach to writing out the OPML: a java.util.StringBuffer. First, we write out the <opml> and <body> elements G. Next, we loop through the Weblog objects in the Result H, and for each one that has an RSS newsfeed URL I, we write out an <outline> element containing that URL. Finally, we close the OPML and return the string we created J. You can find the source code for the program and instructions for running it in the java/ch12 directory of the examples. That s all it takes to call the Technorati API. Now, let s cover the features of other blog search services.
CHAPTER 2: Go Get the Tools!
// use replaceScene to change all subsequent scenes [[CCDirector sharedDirector] replaceScene:[HelloWorld scene]];
If, despite these concerns, you plan to proceed down the private cloud path, you have several options available for building your private cloud. As discussed earlier, for companies and organizations that can acquire and provision hardware and data-center resources efficiently enough, a private cloud may make sense. In addition to the capital costs for hardware, an organization needs to determine its strategy with respect to the software infrastructure it ll use to operate and manage the cloud. The costs involved vary substantially and can range from free if you adopt an open source approach to over $1 million for a full-service offering that includes proprietary software and architecture, design, and implementation services. Table 4.2 summarizes the possible private cloud implementation categories and example vendors/solutions.
This kind of data is sometimes called reference data. Reference data is an excellent candidate for caching with a process or cluster scope, and any application that uses reference data heavily will benefit greatly if that data is cached. You allow the data to be refreshed when the cache-timeout period expires. We ve shaped a picture of a dual-layer caching system in the previous sections, with a transaction-scope first-level and an optional second-level process- or cluster-scope cache. This is close to the NHibernate caching system.
Adding a New Contact Right on Your iPhone 4
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