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<File Path="PageDeployment\Page.aspx" Url="Page.aspx" />
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- (void)mouseDown:(NSEvent *)theEvent { // get current mouse location, convert to our coordinate space // (the one expresed by our bounds) NSPoint mouseLocation = [theEvent locationInWindow]; NSPoint convertedLocation = [self convertPoint:mouseLocation fromView:nil]; // see if the click was on one of our control knobs NSPoint cp1 = NSMakePoint(cp1X, cp1Y); NSPoint cp2 = NSMakePoint(cp2X, cp2Y); if (pointsWithinDistance(cp1, convertedLocation, CP_RADIUS)) { draggingCp1 = YES; } else if (pointsWithinDistance(cp2, convertedLocation, CP_RADIUS)){ draggingCp2 = YES; } [self setNeedsDisplay:YES]; }
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In this solution, we use a LINQ query to sort the books in descending number of pages, and then take the first book in the resulting list. The disadvantage with this approach is that all the books are sorted before we can get the result. This operation is likely to be O(n log n).
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Figure 1.12 Use the Data Link Properties dialog box to establish to set up a data source pointing to the AdventureWorks2000 database.
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Introducing LINQ
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Listin g 10-5. Walking Up the List of Superclasses
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The SampleData class provides sample data (LinqBooks.Common\SampleData.cs)
<map name="Images" lazy="true" table="ITEM_IMAGE" order-by="IMAGE_NAME asc"> <key column="ITEM_ID"/> <index column="IMAGE_NAME" type="String"/> <element type="String" column="FILENAME" not-null="true"/> </map>
To create this HTML, we can create a new XDocument object using functional construction and pass along an XDocumentType, as well as an XElement as in listing 9.24.
The signature for methods passed to cpSpaceHashEach is strictly defined; the method must take two parameters, and both are void pointers. The second parameter would be the data pointer passed as third parameter to cpSpaceHashEach. For both shapePointer and data pointer, you have to know what kind of object they re pointing to; otherwise, disaster will strike in the form of EXC_BAD_ACCESS. In this case, I know that shapePointer is going to point to a cpShape struct, so I can safely cast it and then access the shape s data field to get its CCSprite pointer. If the sprite is a valid pointer, I can get the body from the shape and use that to set the position and rotation of the sprite to that of the body. As with Box2D before, the rotation has to be converted from radians to degrees first, and multiplied by 1 to correct the direction of the rotation.
Description Called when a fragment inside the Silverlight application is navigated to. For example, /Views/CustomerDetail.xaml#Item1234. This is different from the top-level hash or fragment used to support Silverlight navigation. Equivalent to the FragmentNavigation event on the NavigationService class.
CHAPTER 3: Sync Your iPhone with iTunes
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