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5.4 Other Cocoa development languages
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CHAPTER 9: Designing Your Own Data Structures
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- (void)dealloc { [destination release]; [estimate release]; [super dealloc]; } @end
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the logic layer across the bank s local area network. The traditional Windows GUI model is known in .NET as Windows Forms. It is similar to the tried-andtested Visual Basic forms model. Using Visual Studio .NET, forms can be designed using a drag-and-drop approach. Windows Forms can contain all the familiar Windows controls, such as the buttons, check boxes, labels, and list boxes. It also contains a new version of the Windows Graphical Device Interface (GDI), a new printing framework, a new architecture for controls and containers, and a simple programming model similar to Visual Basic 6.0 and earlier versions of Visual Basic. Administrator console applications Perhaps the bank uses Informix on UNIX as the database management system. If so, we may have administrators who wish to run .NET applications from their UNIX workstations. .NET s humble System.Console class can be used to create command line applications that operate over a telnet connection. For example, using Visual Basic .NET or C#, we might write a console application to allow an administrator on another
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Developer Productivity
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To paste the text or image you have copied into another icon: 1. 2. Tap the Home button (refer to Figure 2 13). Tap the icon into which you want to paste the text. In this case, let's tap Mail.
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It takes 12 steps to set up alerts for SNMP traps. This is how you do them: 1. In the Administrator Console, expand the ACME SNMP rule group and right-click Event Rules. From the pop-up menu, select the Alert on or Respond to Event rule. This is shown in Figure 3-11. 2. In the Event Rule Properties - Data Provider window, select SNMP Extended Trap Catcher as the provider, and then click Next. This is shown in Figure 3-12. 3. In the Event Rule Properties - Criteria window, click Advanced.
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Enable-SPFeature -Identity WebPartsInAction.Ch7.Deployment_Deployment -Url http://server/sites/team1
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firstPress: LINQ to Objects
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Exiting a Control Structure
The Automatically Detect Settings option seems to be selected by default on many of the desktops that I ve tested.
Exercise: joining two web parts
Networking and communications
public string RenderValueForWeb() { return string.Format("Called {0} times", s_counter); } public string Name { get { return "CallCounter"; } } public object Value { get { return s_counter; } } public bool ValueIsExcessive { get { return s_counter > 5; } } }
PS C:\> get-job -name job12 WARNING: column "Command" does not fit into the display and was removed. Id -12 Name ---Job12 State ----Failed HasMoreData ----------False Location -------notonline
The runReport function is invoked from the onclick event of the Run Report hyperlink. First, you set the form s action to the report s URL b. Next, you set the hidden field, Format, to the selected export format. Next, you remove the parameters from the previous report run c. Then, you loop through all parameter textbox controls in the grid d. For each parameter, you create a new hidden input element and set its name and value. To render the report, you create a new named browser window. Finally, you submit frmRender to the Report Server e and display the report in a custom-tailored browser window. Now that you have seen examples of requesting reports from the client side of your applications, let s explore how you might do your requests from the server side of your applications using SOAP.
In this version, it s the responsibility of the calling code to add the bonus to whatever employee class it happens to be working with. That removes the dependency from this class and makes it reusable in places where you may have different employee entities or perhaps just a few key fields. With that change made, the EmployeeListViewModel code to add the employee vacation bonus now looks like this:
unsafe struct OSVERSIONINFO { public uint dwOSVersionInfoSize; public uint dwMajorVersion; public uint dwMinorVersion; public uint dwBuildNumber; public uint dwPlatformId; public fixed char szCSDVersion[128]; } You can now call the GetVersionEx function using the OSVERSIONINFO buffer without any marshalling between the C# code and Windows API: [DllImport("Kernel32.dll", CharSet = CharSet.Unicode)] static extern bool GetVersionEx(ref OSVERSIONINFO lpVersionInfo); unsafe static void Main(string[] args) { OSVERSIONINFO versionInfo = new OSVERSIONINFO(); versionInfo.dwOSVersionInfoSize = (uint)sizeof(OSVERSIONINFO); bool res = GetVersionEx(ref versionInfo); Console.WriteLine(Marshal.PtrToStringUni(new IntPtr(versionInfo.szCSDVersion))); } As with all unsafe code, this involves a risk, and if the size of memory blocks don t line up correctly, you have the potential for application crashes and security vulnerabilities.
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