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So far, we ve looked at three different technologies .NET, COM, and WMI. We ve also seen that there is significant overlap in what you can do in each model. In fact, one blogger was sufficiently inspired by the plethora of options in PowerShell that he wrote a song called 50 Ways to Kill a Process . While there may not be 50 ways, between cmdlets, .NET, WMI, COM, the ScriptControl, and external commands, there are certainly a lot of choices. So how do we know which one to choose Here are some guidelines. Cmdlets should generally be your first choice. They are designed to operate best in the PowerShell environment. Next, if there is a .NET class available that does what you want, that should be the preferred solution. But keep in mind the limitations that we discussed in chapter 11 concerning paths and such. If there isn t a .NET class or you need to access the information remotely, use WMI. There is good support for WMI with cmdlets and with the type accelerators. Finally, if none of the other solutions suits your purpose and there is a COM object available, use COM. Remember, however, you ll need to look out for some of the issues discussed earlier in the chapter. There is another angle to consider when choosing to use one object model over another. If you re adapting existing code samples, your best option is to use whatever the sample used. If the code sample you re adapting is VBScript then COM and/or WMI will likely be what you use. If you re adapting a piece of C# or VB.Net code then .NET is the usual answer. In the end, the best answer is the one that gets the job done in the shortest time with the least effort. PowerShell is all about pragmatics: maximal return for minimal effort.
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you ll find that Visual Studio .NET has created a new virtual directory on the server and placed the project files there. By default, the files will be placed in the physical C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Base64App directory. So, as you can see, Visual Studio .NET automatically creates the project, generates the project files, and puts them in their proper places. Also, you ll note that we ve got an AssemblyInfo.cs file, a Global.asax file, a DISCO file called Base64App.vsdisco, a Web.config file, and, of course, a new Web Form file, WebForm1.aspx, and finally a file called WebForm1.aspx.cs. Visual Studio .NET separates the Web Form itself, and the code behind the form, into the latter two files. If, for example, you examine the .aspx file, you ll see the following directive at the top:
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This table begins to show the flexibility provided with a ContentControl, in this case a Button. The first example shows a simple string for content. The second shows the explicit setting of the content property. This is optional, as we see in example three, where the Content property is omitted but the StackPanel is still assigned to it. As you progress through this book, you ll learn how to make the contents of a ContentControl look exactly how you want. For now, note how the innards of a ContentControl are specified through the Content property. Most controls that inherit from ContentControl use a ContentPresenter to do that actual display work in their control template. We ll cover more about templates in section 23.3 but, for now, a brief introduction to the ContentPresenter is in order.
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You can access Facebook by using the iPhone app or using one of two Facebook web sites in your Safari browser. For our purposes, we will focus on the Facebook app for the duration of this chapter.
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>, >=, <, <= ==, != & | && || : =, +=, -=, *=, /=, %=, >>=, <<=, &=, |=, ^= ,
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Coming up next, we ll talk about init methods: how to make your objects hit the ground running.
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The RAISERROR function can be used to generate SQL Server errors and initiate any error processing. The basic use of RAISERROR for a dynamic error looks like this:
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Solving issues related to .NET features
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CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX [IX_Contact_Covering1] ON [Person].[Contact] ( [LastName], [FirstName], [EmailAddress] ) GO -- covers the following query: SELECT [LastName], [FirstName], [EmailAddress] FROM [Person].[Contact] WHERE [LastName] LIKE 'Lars%' GO CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX [IX_Contact_Covering2] ON [Person].[Contact] ( [LastName], [FirstName], [Phone] ) GO -- covers the following query: SELECT [LastName], [FirstName], [EmailAddress] FROM [Person].[Contact] WHERE [LastName] LIKE 'Lars%' GO
SQL Server Audit, change tracking, and change data capture
By implementing ViewModels and services as interfaces, you can allow them to be swapped in and out with alternative implementations. This can be useful when you re developing and don t yet have the real data store, when you re designing the UI and don t want the designer to have to have the full development environment, and when you re testing where you may want to substitute scenario-driven classes and data that will return specific results each time. Inversion of Control (IoC) enables developers to design the system in such a way that they don t new up (directly create) any objects of consequence in their code. Instead, they ask an IoC container to resolve for an object of a given type. The IoC container can make a number of decisions based on the request returning a test version
The Silverlight Business Application template has good support for customization and localization of the strings presented to the user. If you crack open the Assets\Resources\ ApplicationStrings.resx file, you ll see that you can change key prompts, window titles, and more without altering the XAML. Although not strictly required, when adding your own pages or prompts, a best practice is to place the text in one of the three resource files (ApplicationStrings, ErrorResources, or SecurityQuestions) rather than directly into XAML or code. Of course, you can create your own resource files if the text doesn t logically fit in one of these three. To test the application resources approach, change the ApplicationName property to something different. I chose 17 Example . Run it, and you ll see the changed name. It doesn t change in the designer right away; but after a build (or build and run), you ll see the title update in the designer as well. In this way, the resource files don t block your design-time experience.
CHAPTER 5: C Basics: Variables and Operators
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