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3 Finding functional dependencies
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At this point, we have all these GUI controls in a window, but we have no outlets to connect to them, and no action methods for them to call when the user clicks on them. So, now what Now it s time to create your first bindings! We re going to use a class called NSUserDefaultsController, which is a bindings-ready generic controller class that is included in Cocoa. A bindings-ready controller like this lets us bind view objects to an underlying model object right within Interface Builder. One nice thing about this class is that it maintains its own storage in the form of NSUserDefaults, which is the standard class used in Cocoa applications for saving and retrieving a user s application preferences. This will let us bind each view object s value to a uniquely keyed value in the application s preferences. These preferences are automatically saved before a user exits the application, and reloaded the next time the user launches the application again.
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The list folder command doesn t distinguish between different types of files, or even between folders, and so on. You can, however, specify whether you want the list to include invisible files.
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All the capitalized terms in a message map are C++ macros at compile time this block got turned into a hunk of code that generated a static array in the class that mapped messages to a bit of code that mapped to a pointer to each function. The IDC_DoSomething values were defined as particular numbers. If you wanted to add a command, you would create a new value defined in a constants file, and implement the appropriate method in your class. When the command was executed (for example,
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We can now replace listing 1 with the code from listing 3.
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As you can see in figure 6.28, you can use two types of COM+ partitions in your applications: COM+ Partitions stored in Active Directory and COM+ Partitions stored on a local application server. Since our examples revolve heavily around the application server platform of Windows Server 2003, you will be configuring partitions stored on your local server only. By default, every application installed in the COM+ Applications folder will be installed into the Base Application partition. This is a global partition, available to all users, that is used for all components for which you do not want to use partitioning. If a user hasn t been assigned rights to a particular partition, the Base Application partition will be searched for the requested component. Let s begin our example by creating a new partition for our non-production applications. First, right-click the COM+ Partitions folder in the Component Services administration tool, click New, and then select Partition. This launches the COM+ Partition Install Wizard. As figure 6.29 shows, when the wizard starts you ll see two options: Install Previously Exported Partition or Create An Empty Partition. For our example, you will create an empty partition. However, if you were basing this partition on a previously created partition on this machine or another machine, you could choose to install a previously exported partition. When you click the Create An Empty Partition button, you will see the screen shown in figure 6.30. Here, you name your partition and assign it a Partition ID (a GUID). The Name and Partition ID entries are important because this is how COM+ regulates access to applications that are installed inside your partition. A typical naming convention is partitionNamePartition. So, type DevelopmentPartition in the Name field, since you re creating a partition that will store all of your components that aren t in production. The wizard generates the GUID automatically, but you can use the Generate GUID tool included with Visual Studio .NET to generate a new GUID for your partition if you prefer. After you provide a name and GUID for your partition,
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} public void setTitle(String title) { this.title = title; } public void setCategory(String category) { this.category = category; } public void setContent(String content) { this.content = content; } }
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18.2 Geometry
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CREATE A MAINFORM CONSTRUCTOR THAT ACCEPTS AN ALBUM FILE Action 6 In the MainForm.cs file, create a new constructor that accepts the name of an album file. Invoke the default constructor within our new constructor. Within the constructor, create a
Creating an NSView Subclass
Although AppleScript doesn t sweat the small stuff, it can be the base for large-scale custom integrated systems. As far as what to automate, you could automate any task that has repeatable logic, and if the cost of automation is less than the amount of money you save and it usually is the task is worth automating. Repeatable logic is logic that can be applied successfully to similar, but not identical, subjects and that produces a predictable outcome, based on the uniqueness of the subject. For example, here is a process that is not so suitable for automation: You take the client s instructions file, and you read the instructions to figure out what corrections the client wants. If the client wants the image to be color-corrected, you open the image in Photoshop and apply curves until it looks better. Otherwise, just correct the typos. This process is much too arbitrary and relies on the operator s human qualities such as the ability to perform color correction and to correct typos. Here is a better candidate for automation: When you get a job from a client, you search for the client in the database to locate the job information. If the job is marked urgent, you e-mail the imaging room to expect it within ten minutes. You open the Adobe InDesign document and verify that all the fonts were provided. You make sure the document contains the number of pages indicated in the electronic job ticket; if it doesn t, you make a note in the database and e-mail the client. When done, you make a copy of the job folder in the archive folder on the server, and you send another copy to the in folder on the production server. You repeat these steps for all jobs that arrived last night. Now this is a process for which AppleScript is perfect. Besides having programmatic elements such as a repeat loop for applying the process to all jobs and some branching, the process itself is clear, is logical, and can be applied to any client job that arrives. If you look more closely at the previous process, you can see that quite a few of the steps happen in software applications. The operator has to know how to use FileMaker Pro for searching and entering data; how to use InDesign for checking fonts, pages, and so on; and how to use the Finder for moving folders. Controlling these and many other applications is one of AppleScript s main strengths. AppleScript can give applications commands and get information from applications, such as retrieving the data in a FileMaker Pro record or the number of pages in an InDesign document. AppleScript is also ideal for performing repetitive tasks. For instance, how would you like to show up at work one morning and realize that your job for the day is to go through 200 TIFF images in a folder, add a black frame to each one, and export each as a JPEG Then, you must create a PDF file containing all the images, with four-up (which means having four impressions of similar size on a single printed sheet) and with the image name under each image. Does this sound like hard work Your reward for a job well done just might be another folder with 200 TIFF images the next day . . . . Although not sophisticated, this process is repetitive. A script can do it for you while you take a walk to the cafeteria.
Most of this is pretty standard stuff. The interesting thing is the value of the NavigateUri we re referencing the XAML page for our Help page. This is sufficient to tell
Now, look at the file /tmp/verbiage.txt, and you should see something like this:
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