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When you are sure you are done, just touch Done in the upper right corner and your playlist will be set. To change the playlist later, touch the Edit button and follow the steps above.
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As you can see after passing a value of 1 for the number argument, the date was incremented by a month. If we pass in a negative number, we ll get a date that s a month earlier than we passed in, as the following code demonstrates:
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CHAPTER 12: E-mail
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Using the built-in system commands
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You can accept one kind of information through the pipeline. This might be computer names, processes, or any other single kind of information. Whatever you accept through the pipeline can come as a single object, or multiple objects can be piped in. You ll write one (or many) commands that execute against each piped-in object, no matter how many there are. You can designate additional parameters for other input elements. The values provided to these parameters will be used for each execution of your commands.
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Neither you nor your team members could run the tests you d written in the past. That breaks the repeatedly requirement and pre-
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The security features in Windows Server 2003 have changed quite a bit from those provided by previous Windows versions. You have already seen in chapters 4 and 5 how IIS is more secure than ever before. Microsoft wanted to make certain that the operating system was as secure as possible when it was deployed; this is why you have to configure most features manually. In this chapter, we focus on securing applications both for Windows Server 2003 and the .NET Framework 1.1.
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USB to Dock Cable
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Working with layouts
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One of the significant areas of evolution in MCMS 2002 is direct integration with Visual Studio. Although support for building Web projects is not new in Visual Studio, MCMS is not a typical Web project. It has its own structure and components that Visual Studio manages for you. To develop solutions under MCMS, your development environment requires the following:
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[CustomValidation(typeof(CustomValidationMethods), "NameBeginsWithB"] public string LastName { get; set; }
Caching queries
It may not look like it is doing very much. Enter a new Centigrade temperature value. The result should look like Figure 7 16. The HUD display zooms up to a larger window to show the point of execution.
Table 7-17. The TranslateCoordinates Method s Parameters
CREATE TRIGGER dbo.AppendEmployeeUpdates ON dbo.Employees INSTEAD OF UPDATE AS BEGIN SET NOCOUNT ON; DECLARE @i VARBINARY(128); SET @i = CONVERT ( VARBINARY(128), SUSER_SNAME() + '|' + HOST_NAME() ); WITH CHANGE_TRACKING_CONTEXT (@i) UPDATE e SET e.FirstName = i.FirstName, e.LastName = i.LastName, e.Salary = i.Salary FROM dbo.Employees e INNER JOIN inserted i ON e.EmployeeID = i.EmployeeID; END GO
PS (2) > $log.LogDisplayName PowerShell
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