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Figure 26 2. Layout of the App Store Home page.
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public string LastName { get; set; } [Required] public string FirstName { get; set; } public bool IsRegistered { get; set; } public MaritalStatus MaritalStatus { get; set; } public DateTime DateOfBirth { get; set; } [Required] public string EmailAddress { get; set; } [Required] public int NumberOfChildren { get; set; } }
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Application Tier Data Tier
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Before we do that, though, let s take a moment to look at the first three objects in the nib. These icons will always exist in Cocoa nib files. You can t delete them and, unlike the other icons, they don t cause object instances to get created when the nib is loaded. These three are called proxy objects, and they are here to allow connections from objects in this nib to certain objects that already exist. The first icon in any nib file is called File s Owner. This icon is a proxy that points to the object instance that loaded the nib from disk or, in other words, the object instance that owns the nib. In an application s MainMenu.xib file, such as we have here, the File s Owner icon will always point to an instance of NSApplication, which is the class that represents the entire application, which receives input and makes sure the appropriate code gets called as a result of that input. For other nib files, File s Owner could be a different class, such an instance of a document class, or the class that represents a plug-in. The second icon in this and any other nib file is called First Responder. We ll talk more about responders in 10, but the first responder is the object with which the user is currently interacting. If, for example, the cursor is typing in a text field, that text field is the current first responder. The first responder changes as the user interacts with the interface and the First Responder icon gives you a convenient way to interact with whatever control or view currently has the focus without having to write code to determine which control or view that is. The third icon, called Application (or the application proxy) is a relatively new addition to Cocoa nib files. This object points to this application s one and only instance of NSApplication. In a MainMenu.xib file, the application proxy, and the File s Owner proxy will always point to exactly the same thing. The application proxy gives you access to your application s NSApplication instance from any nib file, even ones whose File s Owner is not NSApplication. For this chapter, we can forget about the application proxy, because this nib s File s Owner already gives us access to that object.
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using using using using System; System.Collections.Generic; System.Linq; LinqInAction.LinqBooks.Common;
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The DataGrid is a list-style control that belongs to the System.Windows.Controls namespace. This control provides capabilities for displaying a collection of entities in a tabular format. In addition, it enables users to add, edit, delete, select, and sort items from a binding data source. This data source is bound to a DataGrid through the ItemsSource property just like an ItemsControl, so the data binding features you ve seen so far are applicable within the realm of the DataGrid. Before you can bind data to a DataGrid, you must first reference the correct assembly. The DataGrid control is defined in its own assembly called System.Windows.Controls.Data.dll. This assembly can be found within the Silverlight SDK, which is available at www.silverlight.net. Note that the DataGrid control s assembly isn t part of the default Silverlight runtime installation; it s an extended control, so you must reference the System.Windows.Controls.Data assembly within your Silverlight application. The process of referencing an assembly like this was discussed in section 2.1.2. Part of this process involves choosing a prefix in order to use the control at design time. Throughout this section, we ll use a prefix called data. Referencing the DataGrid control s assembly will package it up with your application, ensuring that your users can enjoy the power of the DataGrid. Throughout this section, you ll experience the power of the DataGrid. You ll first see how easy it is to use the DataGrid to display data. From there, you ll learn how to leverage the built-in features to enable a user to edit the data within a DataGrid. Finally, you ll see how to empower your users to sort the data in a DataGrid.
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Good tests should be easily executed in their original form, not manually.
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<asp:Button ID= Button1 runat= server Text= Add onclick= Button1_Click /> <br /> <asp:Label ID= Label1 runat= server />
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Introducing 6 Switch View with Multiple Graphics
The Add Data Connection Wizard dialog box
CHAPTER 2: Chess on the Net: Correspondence Gaming with Deep Green
The variables shootFrequency and bulletFrameName have been set previously based on the EnemyType. By adding the StandardShootComponent to the EnemyEntity class, the enemy will shoot specific bullets at certain intervals. Since this component makes no assumptions about the parent class, you could even add an instance of it to the ShipEntity class and have your player s ship shoot automatically at specific intervals! Or by simply activating and deactivating specialized shooting components, you can create the effect of changing weapons for the player with very little code. You just program the shooting code in isolation, then plug it into a game entity and add some parameters to it. The only logic left for programming the switching of weapons is simply when to deactivate which components. What s more, you can reuse these components in other
The Advanced Editor shows a representation of the data flow prior to execution.
Tap here and type a name to search.
Parsing newsfeeds with the Feeds API
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