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Settings Control FileName Property (Name) ReadOnly PictureBox (Name) Anchor BorderStyle Prev (Name) Anchor Text Next (Name) Anchor Text Caption (Name) Anchor Photographer (Name) Anchor Date Taken (Name) Anchor Format Notes (Name) Anchor Multiline Value txtFileName True pboxPhoto Top, Bottom, Left, Right FixedSingle btnPrev Bottom, Left Pre&v btnNext Bottom, Right Nex&t txtCaption Top, Right txtPhotographer Top, Right dtpDateTaken Top, Right Short txtNotes Top, Bottom, Right True
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PS (6) > get-content docs:/junk.txt Hello there!
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The .NET remoting infrastructure allows developers to create applications which invoke methods across the network as though they were local to the application. This is made possible by the use of a proxy which acts as the local representative of the remote object. The proxy automatically forwards all remote method calls to the corresponding remote object and the results are returned to the calling client. To the client, this appears no different than invoking a method on a local object.
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@synthesize label; - (IBAction)buttonPressed: (id)sender { NSString *title = [sender title]; NSString *labelText = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@ button pressed.", title]; [label setStringValue:labelText]; } @end
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Listing 9.10 Code that demonstrates that a DowngradeFromWriterLock does not block
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Execution-Time Code Generation
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Some of you may be curious about why I decided to implement the fa ade as a Web service instead of choosing .NET Remoting as a cross-machine communication mechanism. Indeed, I was initially planning to use .NET Remoting until I realized that Microsoft has deprecated this technology in the long term. The next version of Windows, code-named Longhorn, promotes the use of SOAP for communicating with service-oriented applications. For this reason, developers are advised to use .NET Remoting sparingly. For more information about building service-oriented applications, please see section 10.6.
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Figure 9 4. Grabbing the menu by the tab and dragging it elsewhere on the page Now drag the menu beyond the bounds of the Firefox window, either to the left or top. Once it has disappeared from view, drop it and watch JavaScript snap it flush to the edge of the Firefox window. Figure 9 5 illustrates where I dragged the Running menu to and where JavaScript snapped it back into view.
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So far, we ve just started using variables without formally declaring our intention to do so. PowerShell doesn t require advanced variable declaration, and you can t force it to do so (VBScript folks who are looking for something like Option Explicit will be disappointed; PowerShell has something called Set-StrictMode, but it isn t exactly the same thing). The shell does, however, include commands for working with variables:
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CHAPTER 25: iTunes on Your iPhone 4
Listing A.2 Definition for the entity and its finder, identifier, and enumerator methods
[thing setThing1: 5]; [thing setThing2: 23]; [thing setThing3: 42];
Testing full objects only works for cases where it s easy to create the object with the expected properties. you want to test all the properties of the object in question.
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Uninstalling MCMS 2002 (SP1a) on Windows Server 2003
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