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Assuming you have existing code inside components, you ll need to create a priority list of components for which testing makes the most sense. There are several factors to consider that can affect each component s priority: Logical complexity This refers to the amount of logic in the component, such as nested ifs, switch cases, or recursion. Tools for checking cyclomatic complexity can also be used to determine this. Dependency level This refers to the number of dependencies in the component. How many dependencies do you have to break in order to bring this class under test Does it communicate with an outside email component, perhaps, or does it call a static log method somewhere Priority This is the component s general priority in the project. You can give each component a rating for these factors, from 1 (low priority) to 10 (high priority). Table 9.1 shows a short list of classes with ratings for these factors. I call this a test-feasibility table.
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you could run a command like this:
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Listing 2.10 Boxing and unboxing in C#
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Figure 9.4 The WPF DockPanel can be found in the Common Containers section of the ToolBox.
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C# and VB.NET language enhancements
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The AppKit Framework
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this.pbxPhoto.Dock = System.Windows.Forms.DockStyle.Fill;
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Let s review what we covered in this chapter. We began with a rant (sorry discussion) on security and threat modeling. We covered: What security is: mechanisms for operating a computer without the risk of danger or loss. That security is not equivalent to cryptography and its related technologies (although these tools are used to build a secure system). Basic threat modeling and the STRIDE approach. Definitions for the elements of a threat model: vulnerability, threat, asset, and mitigation. In the next section, we covered securing the PowerShell installation itself. This included discussions of how PowerShell is secure by default. As installed, PS limits its attack surface by: Having no default file association; this prevents use of attachment invocation or point-and-click social engineering attacks. Exposing no remote access method, forcing a hopeful attacker to depend on other tools. Having a default execution policy of Restricted, which prevents any scripts from running. Not including the current directory in the command search path, preventing working directory exploits.
The following listing shows the revised function, now using a Try instead of a Trap.
Amazingly, from any iPad today, you can make phone calls using the Skype app. Calls to other Skype users anywhere in the world are free. A nice thing about Skype is that it works on computers and many mobile devices: iPads, iPhones, some BlackBerry smartphones and other mobile devices. You will be charged for calls to mobile phones and land lines , but rates are reasonable
present. Alternate information may appear on the list side of the window as well, such as the photographic image we displayed in chapter 15 for a selected photograph in the MyAlbumExplorer application. In Windows, of course, the Windows Explorer application is another example of this style.
[label setStringValue:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@ button pressed.", [sender title]]];
// # to do copy // # of points in array // # of times to retry
So that you can take maximum advantage of the new ideas presented in this chapter, and be prepared to stretch and expand into a new level of creativity, we will first go on a little tour of existing apps, preinstalled on the iPad and iPhone. It is important that you become familiar with these so that you can more easily add bells and whistles to your own creations on top of these ready-made map apps, as described at Apple.com.
Figure 13.9 When you start the Local User Manger snap-in in MMC, you ll see something that looks like this.
Many organizations use Microsoft Exchange Server as an e-mail server. If you want to use an existing Exchange Server for e-mail report delivery, here is how to configure the Report Server. First, you need to find the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the Exchange server. One of way to accomplish this, besides harassing the network administrator, is to look at the message header of any of the e-mail messages received in your Outlook Inbox. To do this, open a received e-mail and from the View menu select Options. In the Internet Headers textbox you will see something like this:
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