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Note the space between kSquare and ( a ). This second form creates a #define constant named kSquare which is defined as ( a ) ((a) * (a)). A call to this macro won t even compile, because the compiler doesn t know what a is. Here s another interesting macro side effect. Imagine calling this macro
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Although this code may appear to be excessive, the first two lines accomplish the update. The rest is in place to check for concurrency violations. We will look at concurrency in chapter 8. What is important at this point is to observe that the change manager of the DataContext object recognized that the only column that needs to be changed in our database is the Price field. It does not try to update any other columns or records. This reduces the amount of data we need to transmit across the network. We re also able to queue up multiple updates into a single unit of work and commit them with a single call to SubmitChanges. We ve seen
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In this example, the user specifies a start point and a rectangle s length, height, and angle. It uses the PolarPoint method and user input to calculate the rest of the points: Public Sub TestPolarPoint() Dim varpnt1 As Variant Dim varpnt2 As Variant Dim varpnt3 As Variant Dim varpnt4 As Variant Dim dblAngle As Double Dim dblLength As Double Dim dblHeight As Double Dim dbl90Deg As Double
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Figure 11 9. Adding the Tileset with width 54 pixels and height 49 pixels
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Enter number from 1 to 5 (0 to exit):
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Figure 5.1 shows an example of the MVC pattern. Overall, the MVC pattern describes a generic, reoccurring design that you can apply to many programs. It makes a clear separation between program components and their responsibilities and enables you to reuse components of the program (specifically, the model and view) in other programs with little or no code modification. The controller is typically specific to an application. Under Cocoa, the MVC pattern is a useful way to structure an application. Cocoa defines a number of view objects that programs reuse to display application
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In any discussion of OS requirements, the Mono Project (www.go-mono. com) always seems to make its way into the conversation. Currently a few industry initiatives among them the Mono Project are porting the .NET Framework to other platforms. The Mono Project is a venture designed to enable the .NET Framework to run on Linux.
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Source Specific Multicast 376 source URI 55, 63 SourceName property 530 Span element 226 spanning cells 180 special folders 113 SpecialFolder enumeration 114 speech 117 Speech API 117 SpeedRatio property 644 impact on duration 645 splash screens 724 728 defining the appearance of 724 726 integrating 726 monitoring load progress 727 splashScreenSource property 726 spline interpolation 657 spline keyframe types 656 SplineColorKeyFrame class 656 SplineDoubleKeyFrame 656 SplinePointKeyFrame class 656 splines 657 spoofing 127 spring animation 631 Springiness property 663 SQL Server installing AdventureWorks on 730 SQL Server Express 730 installing AdventureWorks on 730 SSL 345 stack order 175 StackPanel layout of invisible elements 141 StackPanel class 689 StackPanel element 176 177 StandardColors.xaml file 673 star sizing 181 StartPoint property 526 startup events 69 70 process 48 50 Startup event 52, 728 StartupEventArgs 52 state-based effects 693 states 692 AcquiringLicense 579 Buffering 579 change between 695 Closed 579 Individualizing 579
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Creating database audit specifications
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MyCollectionAdditions dynamically alters the behavior of the operating system s NSArray class by inserting a new method. My application can now send the -firstObject message to any NSArray object in my process.
result = oWS.BeginGetAllContacts(null, null); //do some processing // result.AsyncWaitHandle.WaitOne(); DataSet dsContacts = oWS.EndGetAllContacts(result);
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