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Figure 17 4. Adding a photo from your library to a note in Evernote
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If only one assert fails, you never know if the other asserts in that same test method would have failed or not. You may think you know, but it s an assumption until you can prove it with a failing or passing assert. When people see only part of the picture, they tend to make a judgment call about the state of the system, which can turn out wrong. The more information you have about all the asserts that have failed or passed, the better equipped you are to understand where in the system a bug may lie, and where it doesn t. I ve gone on wild goose chases hunting for bugs that weren t there because only one assert out of several failed. Had I bothered to check whether the other asserts failed or passed, I might have realized that the bug was in a different location. Sometimes people go and find bugs that they think are real, but when they fix them, the assert that previously failed passes and the other asserts in that test fail (or continue to fail). Sometimes you can t see the
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Double-click your DropDownListContentControl to access the code window. Add the code to populate the DropDownListContentControl with data returned from a web method to the ThisAddIn_Startup event, so that your control is populated with choices upon creating the document. Add code to the DropDownListContentControl_Exiting event to populate the RichTextBoxContentControl with the remainder of the address upon selection of a customer. The code in listing 10.1 makes a call to the WCF web service to populate the DropDownList control.
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protected ListBox listBox; protected override void CreateChildControls() { listBox = new ListBox(); listBox.ID = "Groups"; listBox.SelectionMode = ListSelectionMode.Multiple; SPContext context = SPContext.Current; var currentSelection = Text.Split(new char[] { ',' });
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With Rhino Mocks, changing the name would not be a problem, because we re invoking the method API as part of our recording stage. Any method changes would keep the test from compiling, and we d know immediately that there was a problem with the test. With automated refactoring tools like those in Visual Studio 2005 and 2008, renaming a method is easier, but most refactorings will still ignore strings in the source code. (ReSharper for .NET is an exception. It also corrects strings, but that s only a partial solution that may prove problematic in some scenarios.)
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The INI file can also be created by proceeding through the GUI installation, but cancel it at the very last step, on the Ready to Install page.
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<ListBox x:Name="Images" Width="136" Margin="0,41,12,12" HorizontalAlignment="Right" ScrollViewer.HorizontalScrollBarVisibility="Disabled"> <ListBox.ItemTemplate> <DataTemplate> <Image Margin="10" Height="50" Width="100" Source="{Binding}" /> </DataTemplate> </ListBox.ItemTemplate> </ListBox> </Grid>
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=Switch(ReportItems!txtSalesTotal.Value < 2500000, "Red", ReportItems!txtSalesTotal.Value >= 250000 AND ReportItems!txtSalesTotal.Value < 500000, "Yellow", ReportItems!txtSalesTotal.Value >= 500000, "Green")
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In Xcode, open the project you created in 4, and navigate to AppController.h so we can update the class s interface to accommodate our upcoming changes. First, we ll add the new instance variables we need. Because we re going to maintain a list of villains, we ll create an NSMutableArray called villains to contain them all. We also add an outlet called villainsTableView in order to access the NSTableView where we re going to present the list of villains. While we re at it, we ll also add an outlet called window for connecting to the NSWindow containing all of our GUI components. We ll put this to good use a little later. For the sake of completeness, we also add a @property declaration for the new villains instance variable, to allow other code (including code in AppController s implementation) to easily and safely access and change this value.
RowDefinition myRow = myGrid.RowDefinitions[0]; myGrid.RowDefinitions.Remove(myRow);
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