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document.querySelectorAll("h4.drag")[0]; // <h4 class="drag"> document.querySelectorAll("div#running h4")[0]; // <h4 class="drag"> document.getElementById("running").querySelectorAll("h4")[0]; // <h4 class="drag"> As the previous samples illustrate, NodeSelector is implemented by both Document and Element nodes. So you may query the whole DOM tree or just a branch, just like with getElementsByTagName().
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Containment operators check whether one value can be found inside another. AppleScript provides six containment operators and the operand classes they support, as listed in Table 9-2. Like the comparison operators, the result of operations using containment operators is always a Boolean. Table 9-2. Containment Operators
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Instead of immediately opening in the body of the email as we just described, other types of attachments, such as spreadsheets, word processing documents, and presentation files, will need to be opened manually.
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Cancelling the Sync in Progress
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After we select Fenway Park from Bookmarks, the routing screen takes us to an overview screen. A green pushpin is dropped at the start location and a red one is dropped at the end location in this case, Fenway Park.
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+ (void)initialize { [[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] registerDefaults: [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys: [NSNumber numberWithInt:1], kMonsterBootyFrequency, [NSNumber numberWithBool:YES], kMonsterTypeAllowedOrc, [NSNumber numberWithBool:YES], kMonsterTypeAllowedGoblin, [NSNumber numberWithBool:YES], kMonsterTypeAllowedOgre, [NSNumber numberWithBool:YES], kMonsterTypeAllowedSkeleton, [NSNumber numberWithBool:YES], kMonsterTypeAllowedTroll, [NSNumber numberWithBool:YES], kMonsterTypeAllowedVampire, [NSNumber numberWithBool:YES], kMonsterTypeAllowedSuccubus, [NSNumber numberWithBool:YES], kMonsterTypeAllowedShuggoth, [NSNumber numberWithInt:7], kCharacterMaxNameLength, [NSNumber numberWithInt:1], kCharacterStatsGenerationPolicy,
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The other function of the text item delimiters property is to provide padding when coercing a list into a string. Let s take the list you created in the last part: {"800", "555", "1212"} Start a new script window, and write a script like the one in Figure 3-19.
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Next we start the calculator. Since PowerShell is a shell, we could enter calc on the command line and be done with it. Instead, since we re working with this object, we ll use its Run() method to start the application.
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Tap the Profile icon (person) to see the he Search box and type in the name or username of the individual you are looking to follow. In this example, I looked for my friend Kevin who goes by CrackBerryKevin. When you find the user, just touch the View Profile button to see their Twitter profile.
Most Silverlight applications don t live in a vacuum, self-contained and apart from the rest of the world. In most cases, applications need to either gather data from or send data to services on the Internet or intranet. The various networking approaches we discussed here will help you connect your applications to the outside world and even to other Silverlight applications. As a web technology, Silverlight as a platform must be able to connect to services and consume various types of data as a top-tier feature. Silverlight doesn t disappoint in this area. From low-level HTTP access through to SOAP, REST, sockets, multicast sockets, and duplex communications, Silverlight provides a full spectrum of capabilities for accessing information on other machines. Of course, if you had to manually parse all that data, it wouldn t be a great platform feature. Luckily, Silverlight has us covered here as well. Silverlight supports multiple ways to access XML data-one of the most popular data formats on the web today. In addition, Silverlight supports the lightweight and nimble JSON format introduced with Ajax applications. Silverlight also supports a pseudonetworking mechanism for connecting two Silverlight applications running on the same machine, even in different browsers or outof-browser instances. Silverlight provides numerous ways to connect to, download, and use a variety of types of data. With support for technologies ranging from the decade old POX to WCF Data Services and WCF RIA Services, there s sure to be something to fit any application framework. In the next chapter, we ll combine the information on networking, binding, and other topics and learn how to handle navigation.
Figure 1.1 The Microsoft BI platform consists of several products layered on top of the SQL Server database engine and addresses various data management and reporting needs.
BindingManagerBase BindingMemberInfo
IE7 will provide extensive support for all varieties of RSS and Atom, making it easy to find and subscribe to newsfeeds and to download podcasts.
Controls and UserControls
Open Task Manager. Right-click on the process that you wish to change the processor affinity of. Select Set Affinity from the context menu that pops up. Update the check boxes. Click OK.
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