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Embed QR in Objective-C Figure 3-28. The database record as a string

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The presentation layer is the most difficult to test automatically, because it s inherently visual. The most common way to test it is to run the application and see if it works. On the other hand, if you write your application as we ve described in this chapter, the persistence layer should consist of the design code (HTML for web applications) and a thin code-behind for formatting and data binding. This code can be easily tested visually: it isn t complex, and it s harder to break. A number of techniques and libraries are available to test the presentation layer, but we don t cover them here. For more information, start by reading http://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/List_of_GUI_testing_tools. When you re implementing these layers, you may encounter issues when you try to make your NHibernate application work with some .NET features. Let s see how you can solve them.
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TickCount property 176 TickFrequency property 614 TickStyle property 614 TileHorizontal value 561 TileVertical value 561 Time property 380 Time value 370 time values, customizing 371 Timer class 613 members 613 timers 613 times comparing 480 formatting 371 TimeSeparator property 371 TimeSpan structure 273 Title property 24 example (OpenFileDialog) 23 TitleBackground value 382 TitleMonth value 382 TitleYear value 382 TodayDate property 374 TodayLink value 382 toggle button 291 Toggle method 495, 504 ToggleButton value 416 ToInt32 method example 463 ToLower method 156 tool bar separator 416 ToolBar class 413 Dock property 414 members 413 ToolBarButton class 413, 415 custom dropdown menu 427 members 415 PushButton style 422 Separator style 424 Tag property 423 ToolBarButtonClickEventArgs class 423, 427 ToolBarButtonStyle enumeration 416 members 416
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Database connection and entities
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CHAPTER 1: Getting Started
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20. The final step is compiling the code. You will do this by entering (Command + Run), as depicted in Figure 2 21. Your computer converts all your code to machine language, and then to ones and zeros, and then back to a language that makes sense on your iPhone and iPad Simulator and, of course, your iPhone and iPad.
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BLOB storage with FileStream
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Various report types supported by RS Purpose Displays data in a table format with a fixed number of columns. Data regions are positioned arbitrarily on the page by the report author. Presents data graphically. The Crosstab (matrix) allows data to be summarized by two or more facts. The columns and rows can be dynamically generated, and/or they can be static and defined by the report author. Includes expandable sections. Example Excel-type reports Invoice details reports Employee performance chart A report that shows products in rows and time in columns to summarize sales by product and quarter
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Adjusting Options: Font Sizes and Share, E-mail, or Save an Article
SELECT [Name], ProductNumber, [Description] FROM [Production].[Product] p , [Production].[ProductDescription] pd , [Production].[ProductModelProductDescriptionCulture] pmpdc WHERE p.ProductModelID = pmpdc.ProductModelID AND pmpdc.ProductDescriptionID = pd.ProductDescriptionID AND FREETEXT(pd.[Description], 'shift');
struct DVDInfo { char char char struct DVDInfo }; rating; *title; *comment; *next;
Enabling and maintaining the data flow
Background canvas Middle canvas
12.3 Creating a local job
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