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myInt = 5; myInt += 3;
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Figure 1-20. The References dialog box To improve performance, deselect any references your application doesn t use. Each reference must be resolved before your project loads. Depending on your project s size, this could greatly decrease how long your user waits for the application to load and run.
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XElement books = new XElement("books.xml"); books.Element("book").SetElementValue("author", "Bill Gates");
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When the AutoGenerateColumns property is set to true, the columns in a DataGrid are automatically ordered and rendered based on the type of the underlying data. Regardless of the type of data, the column type will always derive from the abstract base class DataGridBoundColumn, which serves as the base for the two types shown in table 12.1. This table shows the kinds of columns that can be automatically generated within a DataGrid. If you want to manually create a column, you can also use these types. But, when you re manually defining your columns, you must set the Binding property, which represents the Binding associated with a column (the property name and the type name are, in fact, the same). Because of this, you can use the Binding syntax explained in chapter 11. This Binding declaration may be necessary because by default, when you use a DataGridBoundColumn, a TwoWay binding is used. The DataGridBoundColumn is one of the main types of DataGrid columns. The other main type is a DataGridTemplateColumn, which uses a DataTemplate to determine how
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WITH RankedBins AS (SELECT BinNo, SpaceLeft, ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY SpaceLeft DESC) AS Ranking FROM dbo.Bins WHERE BinNo BETWEEN @MinBin AND @MaxBin AND SpaceLeft > 0) ,RankedPackages AS (SELECT Size, BinNo, ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY Size DESC) AS Ranking FROM dbo.Packages WHERE BinNo IS NULL AND Size <= @Threshold) UPDATE p SET BinNo = b.BinNo FROM RankedPackages AS p INNER JOIN RankedBins AS b ON b.Ranking = p.Ranking WHERE b.SpaceLeft >= p.Size;
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For Each varService in colServices varService.ChangeStartMode("Automatic") Next
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using System; using System.Windows; using System.Windows.Controls; namespace 20 { public partial class Page : UserControl { public Page() { InitializeComponent(); } void me_DownloadProgressChanged(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { double percentage = me.DownloadProgress * 100.0; string text = String.Format("{0:f}", percentage) + "%"; tb.Text = text; } } }
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SQL Server PowerShell (SQLPS) has its own execution policy independent of PowerShell itself.
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Adding a SelectionSet Object
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Backup considerations
name of the return parameter that describes our data that is coming back for our association method.
Table 17.4 Values for the Operator property of the FilterDescriptor Value Description The data value must be smaller than the filter value. The data value must be smaller than or equal to the filter value. The data value must be equal to the filter value. The data value must be different from the filter value. The data value must be larger than or equal to the filter value. The data value must be larger than the filter value. The data value must start with the filter value (strings only). The data value must end with the filter value (strings only). The data value must contain the filter value (strings only). The data value must be contained in the filter value (strings only).
Checking for missing fields To make dealing with missing values more confusing, the Field object exposes a property called IsMissing. It is important to note that it doesn t check for missing values. Instead, it returns true if the field is not found in the report dataset. If you trying to understand the practical use of this, consider the case when the report dataset is returned by a call to a stored procedure. For example, consider the Employee Sales by Territory report that we developed in the previous chapter to show employee performance. Users belonging to various security roles, such as administrators and clerks, can request this report. In the second case, you might not want to reveal the employee-sensitive information, such commissions and bonuses. You can hide these fields using expressions. Alternatively, you can pass a parameter to the spGetEmployeeSalesByProductSubcategory stored procedure to exclude these fields entirely. If you use the latter approach, you can use the IsMissing property to exclude these fields from expressions that use them. If you don t check whether they are available, they will show #Error. Finally, the Field object also implements an indexer. Currently, its implementation returns NULL. The next version of Reporting Services may include additional properties that data providers, such as the SQL Server .NET provider, could return. Using the Fields collection in expressions Here s an example showcasing the Fields collection. We ll change the Employee Sales by Territory with Summary Advanced report and replace the # Orders column with the Percentage of Employee s Total column. The new column will show the sales amount for each product subcategory as a percentage of the sales total, as shown in figure 5.8.
First, we lock our critical section with an instance of NSLock. As described in Figure 3-4, this mutex prevents other threads from accessing this section of code when a thread is already in there, preventing unexpected results. We then update the total number of thread counts by ten, and update our view with this count and the thread that sent the message.
When planning your MOM installation, you should never exceed the maximum supported values. These are shown in Table 1-1. Table 1-1. Maximum Supported Configurations in MOM 2005
Much of this code is unchanged from our last implementation. But, we are doing a few things differently. First, we re getting rid of any existing Visuals each time the method is called b. Unlike with a Shape, we can t change the properties of an existing Visual. We create a new DrawingVisual for each NameValuePair c. This Visual is what will eventually get rendered for each bar. We could put all the bars into a single Visual, but if we did that, then we wouldn t be able to tell them apart for things like click-handling. To draw into the DrawingVisual, we have to get a DrawingContext, which we get by calling RenderOpen(). Note that we re making use of a using statement here d; it makes sure that visual.Close() is called when we re done. We could have easily called that method explicitly, but this approach is a little safer and more elegant. We then draw our Column onto the DrawingContext e. Finally, we add our new DrawingVisual to our collection of Children f. Note that we don t have to do anything special to make the Visual redraw itself. When the VisualCollection is
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