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Static to hold dictionary name
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To apply a build style to a target, click on the Targets tab from the Contents pane, select a target from the list, and select the appropriate build style.
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Touch the iPod icon and, as Figure 7 1 shows, you ll see five soft keys across the bottom: Songs: - See an alphabetical list of songs (also searchable) Artists: - See an alphabetical list of artists (searchable like your Address Book) Albums: See an alphabetical list of albums (also searchable). Genres: See your music organized by musical genres. Composers: See an alphabetical listing of musical composers. NOTE: The Composers soft key is dynamic. It only shows up if it s applicable to the currently selected playlist, but it s always there in the Music app.
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Synchronous Database Mirroring (High Safety) Principal DB Mirroring DB
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Toolbars were added to windowing environments as an alternate shortcut method for common tasks, especially menu bar items. While keyboard shortcuts are fine for more experienced users, they do not have a graphical presence in the window. Toolbars provide a graphic for each shortcut button, so users should be able to quickly perform common tasks without the need to hunt through the menus or documentation all the time. At least that was the theory. Personally, I prefer keyboard shortcuts, and find the plethora of toolbars a distraction in many interfaces. While common tasks such as opening and closing a file or selection of a bold or italic font style have developed somewhat standard graphical buttons, I have trouble deciphering many of the tiny graphics shown on many toolbars and prefer to search for keyboard shortcuts instead. When creating toolbars in your programs, make sure their meaning is clear, and do not use a toolbar as an excuse to avoid keyboard shortcuts and access keys. Some users prefer the keyboard over the mouse, so it is a good idea to provide keyboard as well as mouse access to program functions. But I digress. Let s get back to toolbars in .NET. Whether you employ them yourself or not, your users will likely expect them. In this section we will look at the ToolBar class in detail, create a blank Figure 13.1 Our toolbar will use a raisedtoolbar in our MyPhotos project, and also button appearance for displaying its butintroduce the ToolBarButton class. tons. A flat appearance is also possible. Later sections will look at image lists and the creation of the various kinds of toolbar buttons. By the end of section 13.3, our efforts will produce the interface shown in figure 13.1.
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CHAPTER 26: Your iTunes User Guide
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CHAPTER 23 Delegates and Anonymous Methods . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 217
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Listing 9.14 Creating an XElement with a full XML name and an XNamespace
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If you ve used Microsoft FrontPage 2003 with SharePoint 2003, or Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 with Microsoft SharePoint 2007, you ll probably be familiar with the Data View Web Part (now known as the Data Form Web Part). Using a wizard, and being armed with the correct database information and credentials, you could display data within minutes to your users. With a little help from Microsoft SharePoint Designer, you can manipulate the data in the grid; modify the display; use conditional formatting, formulas, and functions; and choose from several predefined styles. You could also connect multiple Data Form Web Parts to display master/detail information, or connect the data to other web parts such as third-party charting web parts. With the Business Data Catalog, you can achieve the same results as with the Data Form Web Part, with or without the use of Microsoft SharePoint Designer. One of the many advantages of both BDC and the Data Form Web Part is the fact
Changing the execution policy Now let s use Set-ExecutionPolicy to change the policy to RemoteSigned.
A predefined named color, such as Navy, that matches one of the names supported in Internet Explorer, .NET Framework, and Windows Forms. Importantly, the Color class in Silverlight belongs to the System.Windows.Media namespace. In Windows Forms, it belongs to the System.Drawing namespace. A Red, Green, Blue (RGB) hexadecimal string in the format of #RxGyBz. For instance, in listing 18.14, you could replace Navy with its hexadecimal representation, #000080. An RGB hexadecimal string with an alpha channel in the format of #aRGB. This format gives you a greater range than the typical RGB hexadecimal string because it has built-in support for the opacity channel. As an example, you could convert Navy to #AA000080 to give the color a washed-out appearance.
5.5.2 Combining dynamic stubs and mocks
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