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On this test server, the SELECT query ran more than six times faster without logical scan fragmentation. The test result shows that logical scan fragmentation seriously hampered SQL Server s ability to perform read-ahead reads. Whereas it was able to do about 12000 read-ahead pages per second when there was no logical scan fragmentation, it could only do about 3000 read-ahead pages per second when logical scan fragmentation was at 85 percent. In addition, fragmentation caused SQL Server to issue small I/O requests; compare the Avg. Disk Bytes/Read of 16 KB with fragmentation to that of about 400 KB without fragmentation, and this resulted in SQL Server not being able to take full advantage of the I/O throughput capacity of the disk subsystem. A note of caution is in order before you extrapolate this too far. If you run the same tests on a higher-end disk subsystem, you may not find the performance difference to be this dramatic.
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if (ErrorsChanged != null) { ErrorsChanged(this, new DataErrorsChangedEventArgs("Level")); ErrorsChanged(this, new DataErrorsChangedEventArgs("Salary")); } }; client.ValidateSalaryAndLevelAsync(level, salary); }
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My favorite DMVs, and why
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There are many other things that you could do with the InfoPath Document Information panel. For example, you could use conditional formatting to hide columns that aren t required depending on the type of document created. You can also perform calculations and change controls for richer controls.
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Saving persistent data in cloud storage
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1. Launch Site Manager and log on as template designer. 2. Select the Template Gallery icon to display galleries. 3. Right-click the template gallery and select Properties. 4. On the Rights tab, select Modify. 5. Next to Look in, select the user role from the drop-down list in the Select User Rights for Your New Template Gallery dialog box. 6. Select the desired rights group and choose Add. Alternatively, select Add next to Add Rights Groups from Parent Containers to assign the same rights groups as the parent. 7. Select OK to save changes. 8. Exit Site Manager.
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In addition to this, full tracing adds to the display by showing you variable assignments. Let s redefine our function so that it performs a variable assignment. We ll split it across multiple lines so the trace is a bit clearer:
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Running slasher
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firstPress: LINQ to ADO.NET
Viewing What s Hot
When the compiler sees a lambda expression being assigned to a variable of an Expression<> type, it will compile the lambda into a series of factory method calls that will build the expression tree at runtime. Here is the code that is generated behind the scenes by the compiler for our expression:
TRY IT NOW Change into a long directory, like \Windows\System32, and try
statement in the code block. The goto statement immediately transfers execution to the code identified by the label. The label and goto statements can appear anywhere within the function or method, as shown in Listing 2-23.
<Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White"> <Button x:Name="Print" Content="Print" Width="100" Height="30" Click="Print_Click"/> </Grid>
PS (11) > $f.name C:\
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