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Dim sequence1 As Integer() = New Integer() {1, 2, 3, 4, 5} Dim sequence2 As Integer() = New Integer() {1, 2, 3, 4, 5} Console.WriteLine("Are those sequences equal ") ObjectDumper.Write(IIf(sequence1.EqualAll(sequence2), "Yes, they are", "No, they aren't")) Dim sequence3 As Integer() = New Integer() {5, 2, 3, 4, 1} Console.WriteLine("Are those sequences equal ") ObjectDumper.Write(IIf(sequence1.EqualAll(sequence3), "Yes, they are", _ "No, they aren't"))_
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MCMS content can be deployed using the MCMS Site Manager. Administrator rights are required. This content is easily exported from a source server into a single file and can subsequently be imported into a destination server. The granularity of export and import options facilitates a flexible deployment process. MCMS content includes channels, subchannels and pages, resources and Resource Galleries, templates and Template Galleries, as well as rights groups and users. Site staging is not possible for ASP .NET-based sites. Site staging is only possible for MCMS ASP-based sites. MCMS sites built today are typically ASP.NET-based sites, rendering the current MCMS Site Stager functionality unusable.
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The Resource editor allows you to edit the name and value of each resource item as well as add a comment. Using comments can be valuable when translating the resource files to other cultures to provide details about the context of the resource item.
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IDocumentPaginatorSource paginatorSource = docCopy as IDocumentPaginatorSource; printDialog.PrintDocument(paginatorSource.DocumentPaginator, "Dictionary"); } }
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Building Web Parts with Visual Studio 2010
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Kevin O Malley is a software engineer and author whose articles have appeared on the Apple Developer Connection, O Reilly MacDevCenter, and Dr. Dobb s Journal web sites, as well as in The Perl Journal and IEEE Internet Computing. He is the author of Programming Mac OS X: A Guide for UNIX Developers (Manning Publications 2003). He worked at the University of Michigan s Artificial Intelligence laboratory for ten years as a software engineer. Kevin was also an adjunct lecturer in the University of Michigan s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, where he taught two programming courses. He currently works at Google in Mountain View, California.
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From this you can get two reports. One is a text report. This shows a hierarchical call trace, but I don t find this a very helpful view as a developer. It probably is useful in the event of having to submit a bug report for software that you are testing. The other report is the Call Graph View. To get this, select the Sample report line in the Detected Hangs
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Changing the value of AppleScript s built-in text item delimiters property changes how strings are broken up: set text item delimiters to {"b"} text items of "abc" --> {"a", "c"} set text item delimiters to {"@"} text items of "george@jungle.com" --> {" george", " jungle.com"} set text item delimiters to {"i"} text items of "Mississippi" --> {"M", "ss", "ss", "pp", ""} set text item delimiters to {"stop"} text items of "helpstopmestopJoe" --> {"help", "me", "Joe"} Setting the text item delimiters property inside an application tell block requires that you use the following syntax: set AppleScript's text item delimiters to ... It is also recommended that after setting the text item delimiters property in your script, you return it to the default of {""}.
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Shh, calm down no need to take that Valium. If you pack your animation frames into a Texture Atlas, things will get a bit easier and more efficient at the same time. More helpful is to encapsulate all this code into a helper method and stick to a naming convention for your animation files.
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-[NSFileManager contentsAtPath:]
We ve included lots of status messages in the server to let the user know what s going on. On a real web server, these messages are typically written to a log file instead of to the host. The web server script Listing 11.9 shows the script Invoke-Webserver.ps1, which consists of three functions: one to generate an HTML document, one to send the response back to the client, and one that describes that content of the response.
// Update PixelDlg if photo has changed if ((_dlgPixel != null) && (_nPixelDlgIndex != _album.CurrentPosition)) { _nPixelDlgIndex = _album.CurrentPosition; Point p = pnlPhoto.PointToClient( Form.MousePosition); UpdatePixelData(p.X, p.Y); } // Paint the current photo, if any if (_album.Count > 0) { . . . } }
Simple and parameterized functions Listing 19.1 Trying to get all the output into a single table
The Feature receiver has one parameter, properties, containing information about the current Feature. Using that parameter, you get the current site collection. Using the root web GetCatalog method, you retrieve the Web part Gallery. Because the Items collection is a nongeneric collection and you re using LINQ, the collection is cast to IEnumerable. The first item matching the name of the Web Part controls description file defined in the elements.xml file is retrieved. If an item is found, it s deleted from the gallery. This method of removing items from the Web Part Gallery works fine if you re interested only in removing the items that were added through the Feature. But because users can customize and add items to the Web Part Gallery, the filename might be changed or there might be multiple Web Parts defined in the gallery using the Web Part type. These Web Parts won t be deleted by this Feature receiver. To ensure that all Web Part control description files in the Web Part Gallery that use the type of the Web Part defined in the Feature are removed, you need to change the deactivation method. Listing 7.2 shows the modified method. This method iterates through all items in the Web Part Gallery and checks the type used by the Web Part.
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