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Connect Quick Response Code in Objective-C CONTROLLING REMOTE APPLICATIONS

Figure 5-4. Finger tracking while guarding the goal (shaded circles show finger positions)
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Cloning Members
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WPF and browsers: XBAP, ClickOnce, and Silverlight
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Attribute Node Name: id Value: 6 Type-name: integer
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Long Double Variant
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ostress o"c:\temp\o" -SBNE-SQL-PR-01\SALES -dOrders -iStress.sql -n10 -r25
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The choose file name command allows you to add a Save As like dialog box to your scripts. The result is a path to a not-yet-existing file.
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Configuring the ADF to allow searching
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Table 4.6 Operator -match -cmatch -imatch -notmatch -cnotmath -inotmatch -replace -creplace -ireplace PowerShell regular expression matching operators Description Do a pattern match using regular expressions. Example Hello match [jkl] Result $true
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else { infoPtr->rating = num; AddToList( infoPtr ); return true; } } else return false; }
Full disclosure: While writing this book, I also worked as a developer at Typemock on a different product. I also helped to design the API in Isolator 5.0.
Observers can cancel a previous registration by sending a -removeObserver: or -removeObserver: name:object: message to the notification center. The observer parameter is required, but the name and object parameters are both optional and either may be nil. The notification center revokes the subscription for all notifications that match the criteria, as listed in Table 18-2.
Getting a Crash Log from Your Testers
2.5 More NUnit attributes
operators: it takes the collection specified on the left and uses the key path on the right against each object of that collection, then turns the resulting values into a collection. The union part of the name refers to taking the union of a bunch of objects. The distinct part of the name weeds out all of the duplicates. There are a couple other operators along the lines of this one, but we ll leave them for you to discover. Also, you can t add your own operators. Bummer.
Connection strategies
On either side of the Play/Pause button are typical Fast-Forward and Rewind buttons. To jump to the next chapter-specific part of the video, just touch and hold the FastForward button (to the right of Play/Pause). When you get to the desired spot, release the button and the video will begin playing normally. To rewind to the beginning on the video, tap the Rewind button. To rewind to a specific part or location, touch and hold like you did while you were fast forwarding the video.
Error handling in sandboxed solutions If an unhandled exception occurs in a sandboxed solution, the exception is caught and handled by SharePoint. SharePoint then presents a more developer-friendly error message than the default error page. If debugging is enabled, then the error details can be shown, as you can see in figure 8.4. All unhandled exceptions in sandboxed solutions are monitored and accounted for in the resource usage. This means that if the solution throws many exceptions, then the whole sandbox for the site collection eventually will be shut down, so handling the exceptions correctly is crucial for sandboxed solutions. To log and monitor exceptions and other information, you need to create a logging mechanism of your own. You could create a full-trust proxy that uses the trace logging as described earlier. Another approach is to use the Business Connectivity Services
You will find PackageMaker in /Developer/Applications/Utilities. Open up the application. The first things you are asked for are your organization and the minimum OS version you are targeting. The organization value is used to set the names of preferences and similar files in Library/Preferences and other folders. See Figure 15 7.
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