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value can be specified, either as an integer indicating the number of milliseconds or as a TimeSpan object. The ExitContext parameter is also present. Its behavior is the same as it is for WaitOne. 8.3.3 WaitAny Suppose that you wanted to know when one AutoResetEvent, out of many, becomes signaled. The WaitHandle.WaitAny method accepts an array of WaitHandle objects and waits until one of them becomes signaled or an optional timeout expires. If one of the elements in the array becomes signaled, the index of that 151
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The user name and password Parameters
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Inheritance, Overriding, and Overloading
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I m using a static method again, from the Microsoft.VisualBasic.Interaction type, which I just loaded into memory with the previous command. Again, if the static method stuff doesn t make sense, don t worry use this command as-is.
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PS (6) > 1,"02",3,02,"1" -eq "02" 02 2
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On-demand delivery One of the most important decisions you have to make when integrating RS reports in your application is how the application will access the Report Server to request reports. While in some cases the system design may dictate the integration option, occasionally the choice won t be so straightforward and you may have to carefully evaluate the application requirements to determine the best approach. We revisit the ondemand delivery options in more detail in chapter 9. For now, note that reports can be requested on-demand in two ways: URL access and the Web service. URL-based report access The report consumer requests a report by URL by submitting an HTTP-GET request to the Report Server. The advantages of URL access are its simplicity and better performance. In the simplest case, the consumer can embed the report URL into a hyperlink. For example, a web-based application can have a drop-down Reports menu where each link targets a RS report. With the URL access option, the report arguments are
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toolbox onto the form, and assign its properties as indicated.
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Figure 2 19. In Interface Builder, note the connection between the File s Owner icon and the View window. 19. As you near the vicinity of the File s Owner icon, you will notice a black
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Car Cleaning, GC Style
The timer job instance is created using the constant name and the web application that the feature is activated on. A one-time schedule is used to schedule the job for running immediately. Because it s a one-time scheduled job, you don t have to take care of removing the job that s done automatically after the job has executed successfully. Before the timer job is saved, add a parameter called add with the value true, which tells the timer job that it should add the new browser definition file, as shown in listing 12.3.
Use your new control in place of the PictureBox control in the SlideShowForm window. My implementation of this control is available on the book s web site. Also included on the site are the instructions for making this new control, referred to as a custom control, available in the Toolbox window of Visual Studio .NET.
Traditional internal IT vs. colocation vs. managed service vs. cloud model
<local:EmployeeReport.PageFooterTemplate> Footer <DataTemplate> <Grid Margin="1 10 1 1"> <Rectangle Stroke="Black" /> <TextBlock Text="{Binding PageNumber,StringFormat='Page {0}'}" Margin="10" HorizontalAlignment="Right" VerticalAlignment="Center" /> </Grid> </DataTemplate> </local:EmployeeReport.PageFooterTemplate>
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