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Conflicting or invalid tests
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Designing a Simple, Frenzic-Style Puzzle Game
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14.2.4 The downside of Shapes At the moment, our graph is pretty simple, but we could make it as complex as we liked. We could add axes, labels, a legend, text on the columns, and other nifty things. And we could implement them all as Shapes and Labels, and so on. But, because Shapes are UIElements, they have a fair amount of overhead to provide all the support for the UIElement features and capabilities. Once the drawing gets more complex (figure 14.10), you might begin to notice some performance issues. Now, to give the WPF developers their due, you have to add a lot of Shapes before you ll even notice any slowdown at all. Nonetheless, for complex drawing applications, there are better approaches to take that have much less overhead. In the first half of this chapter, we ve concentrated on Shapes. Moving forward, we ll look at a couple of lighterweight approaches. In fact, if you dig deep enough into the code, you d discover that the Shape classes all rely on the lower-level drawing approaches such as direct rendering.
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It s one of those strange ironies that, as web browser application developers are doing their best to provide more Windows-like functionality to their applications, Windows application developers are trying to make their apps more webby. This has led to Windows applications that have back and forward buttons, that never pop up child windows, and that are often quite difficult to use. The fact is that there are situations where browser concepts fit quite well into Windows applications, just as there are situations where Windows metaphors fit well into browser applications it all comes down to the purpose of the application. Browsers were designed for navigating content moving through documents. In such a context, the ability to move back and forward, for example, fits very well. On the other hand, when trying to build a data-entry application in a browser, moving back and forward is, at best, ambiguous, and, at worst, a good way of annoying your customers as their data disappears into the ether.
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report-authoring analysis 43 construction 43 report-authoring deployment 44 report-authoring process 42 report-authoring stage 24 report-authoring Testing 44 report-authoring tools 24 ReportFolder 166 reporting challenges 25 Reporting Services 36 architecture 13 choosing an edition 4 cost 36 defined 2, 7 editions 5 evaluating 36 extensibility 454 installation requirements 4 management features 10 top ten list 36 Reporting Services Configuration Tool 15 Reporting Services Windows Service 24 running scheduled tasks 267 ReportingService object 255 .Reporting.WinForms 411 ReportItem class 160 ReportItems collection 159 160,
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ValidatesOnDataErrors property 316, 320 ValidatesOnExceptions parameter 313 ValidatesOnExceptions property 316, 320 validation 7, 308 and annotations 495 asynchronous 321 326 calling external functions 330 331 client service code 324 combining messages 314 in common function 318
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Figure 11 3. Turning an orthogonal tileset into an isometric tileset it s not that simple!
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The Form now invokes the OK or Cancel button when the user presses the Enter or Esc key, respectively. We also need to ensure that the ShowDialog method returns the proper result when one of these buttons is clicked or invoked via the keyboard. The Button class provides a DialogResult property for this purpose. When this property is set, clicking the corresponding button will automatically hide the parent form and return the selected result.3 We already set these properties to the appropriate values while creating the buttons, so the InitializeComponent method already defines these settings.
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2010 08-30 19:50:52.344 Tilemap[978:207] NSDictionary 'properties' contains: { isWater = 1; }
This code is easy to understand: in the setter of the Name property you throw en exception if the name that is about to be set is invalid (null, empty, or too long); you keep this value in the _name field. The second kind of test for an entity is the logic test, which tests any behavior in the entity. For example, when changing her password, the user must provide the old password, and then enter the new password twice. Here are some tests for this method (they assume that a newly created user has a blank password and that there is no encryption):
CHAPTER 11: Advanced Topics
Figure 25 1. Basic troubleshooting steps
The last line of that script pipes three computer names into the function, and the PROCESS script block runs once for each computer name that was piped in. Each time PROCESS executes, it places the next computer name into the $_ placeholder. Of course, because we aren t handling the error, the end result of this example is the same: once the command hits NOTONLINE, everything stops working. But now we ve created a framework in which we can trap and handle the error.
Listing 22.4 Moving the Trap construct to outside the function
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As always, when the compiler encounters a function parameter, it passes a copy of the parameter to the receiving routine. The previous version of PrintDVD() received a copy of the address of a DVDInfo struct. In this new version of PrintDVD(), the compiler passes a copy of the entire DVDInfo struct, not just a copy of its address. This copy of the DVDInfo struct includes copies of the rating field, and the title and comment arrays.
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