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Listing 5.4 Using the Interrupt method (C#)
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Figure 3.7 Use the Feature designer in Visual Studio to edit your Features. You can change the title, description, and scope as well as configure which items should be part of the Feature.
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Once again, you can refer to Apple s developer documentation if you want to learn more about reducing build times with prefix headers: http://developer.apple.com/mac/library/documentation/DeveloperTools/Conceptual/ XcodeBuildSystem/800-Reducing_Build_Times/bs_speed_up_build.html.
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To simplify the security infrastructure, you can take advantage of the inheritance feature of the role-based security policy. You can allow only AWC domain administrators to manage the full folder namespace by assigning them to the Content Manager role. You can assign all other domain users to the Browser role so they can browse the Home folder. For the Sales folder you can break the folder s inheritance chain. You can remove the Users group from the Browser role and grant the Sales Managers and Sales groups the Content Manager and Browser roles, respectively. You don t have to perform any extra steps if you want the same permissions to propagate to the AWReporter folder. When the user doesn t have permissions to view a given securable item, the item is excluded from the results of the Web service method call. For example, if the user clicks on the Home folder to see its subfolders, the Report Server will return only the subfolders to which the user has View permissions. Behind the scenes, the Report Manager invokes the ListChildren SOAP API, which excludes restricted resources. This makes developing client applications a lot easier because you don t have to filter out the results to enforce restricted access one less thing to worry about when writing custom applications that target RS. Now that we ve explained the theory behind the RS role-based security model, let s see how we can manage it using the Report Manager.
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Threads start out as Unstarted. Once started, threads transition from Unstarted to Running. If the thread method exits, the thread transitions from the Running state to Stopped. If an Abort is called on a thread, it transitions to AbortRequested. If the thread then chooses to ignore the Abort using ResetAbort, it returns to the Running state. Otherwise the thread transitions to the Aborted state and then to the Stopped state. Notice in the sample output that ThreadState can have multiple values at the same time. For instance it can be WaitSleepJoin and AbortRequested at the same time. This is accomplished by using bit-masked values. A bitwise AND must be used to determine if a thread is in a certain state. For example:
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CHAPTER 3: Audio Streaming: An Exploration into Core Audio
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Making Friends with the .NET Framework
Open your web browser and point it to the following location: http:// www.osxgnu.org/software/Xwin/xfree86. Download the XFree86 for Mac OS X Rootless version X by choosing the appropriate download site and clicking the Download button. If your browser has not already done so, decompress the distribution. This step should result in an Xfree86Complete-[version].mpkg file. Double-click on the file icon and follow the on-screen installation instructions. You will need administrative privileges to install the software.
If we override this, we can arrange for touches to be delivered to our class, not the subclass. We can then inspect the event, handle it if necessary, or, if we want to retain standard behavior, simply forward the messages to their original destinations. Don t make assumptions about the internal structure of these compound views, as Apple has left them undocumented and could change them in future updates. However, by using our superclass s hitTest:withEvent:, we can ensure the events get delivered to the right place without needing to know the structure ourselves.
The main window after adding the picture to the NSImageView object
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Back to selling your work. You will come to realize that with AppleScript development, the 80-20 rule applies: you can finish 80% of the project in 20% of the time. This by itself doesn t mean much, since you will have to spend the rest of the 80% of the time on the small things (believe me, it is unavoidable). Where you do take advantage of it is that you can create a working prototype of the project in a short amount of time. The key is to have a meeting with a prospective client, be it in your company or as a consulting job somewhere else. In that meeting, try to gain an understanding of the terms they use and of their workflow. Pay special attention to the raw materials, the documents, and the final output (raw materials being the data they use to produce whatever it is they produce, the material being their templates, and so on, and the output being the finished job). Try to take as much of it with you, with permission, of course; sign a confidentiality agreement if you have to do so. Then, make a meeting with them a couple of weeks later. At this point, you should get busy: make sure you have a good prototyping tool such as AppleScript Studio, FileMaker Pro, or Late Night Software s FaceSpan to use for a basic interface. Now, create some basic scripts that take their material and turn them into parts of the final product. I like to have a dialog box come up at the end that says, The process is complete and took 23 seconds or something to that effect. It is impressive for people at a company to see their product or part of it created automatically and so fast.
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