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CHAPTER 4: Core iPhone Tools
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In the previous Get-Command example, the command s defintion was truncated to fit the book-formatting requirements. You can control how this information is described by using the Format-List and FormatTable commands.
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To see an example of the XDocumentType class, let s create a valid HTML page using LINQ to XML. For an HTML document to be considered valid, it must declare the version of HTML that is used in the document; we ll do so using an XDocumentType object. When we re finished we ll end up with the following HTML document:
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Figure 7 14. Custom members are not attributes.
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Listing 6.5 Layout rounding in action with two rectangles
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3. If the connector is not initialized, then initialize it by following the steps described in the following two subsections. Initializing the MOM-to-MOM Connector on the Source Management Group On the source management group, carry out the following steps to initialize the MOM-to-MOM connector: 1. Go to the OnePoint database and open SQL Query Analyzer. 2. Connect to the OnePoint database and run the following command: use onepoint select * from MMPC_Config select * from MMPC_Forwardees select * from MCF_Forwardees The output will look something like Figure 10-20. If it the MOM-to-MOM connector is not initialized, the IsInitialized value will be set to 0.
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Result Item labels in the list view may now be edited.
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PS (6) > trap { "Got it: " + $_.gettype(); continue Got it: System.Management.Automation.ErrorRecord
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We ll look at some more practical uses for this feature in later sections. For now, here s a basic example that shows how this match works:
The data state of this entity: Detached, Unmodified, Modified, New, or Deleted Indicates that this entity has changed since the last time it was saved Indicates that this entity has failed validation Returns a collection of validation errors Returns an instance of the unchanged entity from cache
belongs to.
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