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13.5.1 Which way is the right way
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This is a simple percentage profit calculation. If the database connection is unavailable, the target margin is returned instead. The effect of this default is an assumption, in the absence of data to the contrary, that the machine is meeting its profit target. We use a public property called Delta to reflect the difference between the target and actual house margins:
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Retrieves all applicationdefined operations
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Tough questions and answers
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printf( "Hello, world!" );
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<Window.Resources> ... <local:IsLargeValueConverter x:Key="isLarge" /> </Window.Resources>
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SSN 111-622-3033 113-262-3223 ... 118-252-2243 121-221-3933 191-422-3755 Figure 13.1 Inserting a row into a table with a clustered index will physically position the row based on the value of the column in the clustered index key, in this case SSN.
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Figure 8.3 You must specify whether you want to use SSL.
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Out-of-the-box Web Parts in SharePoint 2010
Another common pattern people tend to repeat is to have asserts against hardcoded strings in the unit s return value or properties, when only a specific part of a string is necessary. Ask yourself, Can I use string.Contains() rather than string.Equals() The same goes for collections and lists. It s much better to make sure a collection contains an expected item than to assert that the item is in a specific place in a collection (unless that s specifically what is expected). By making these kinds of small adjustments, you can guarantee that, as long as the string or collection contains what is expected, the test will pass. Even if the implementation or order of the string or collection changes, you won t have to go back and change every little character you add to a string. Now let s cover the third and final pillar of good unit tests: readability.
As a platform for demonstrating these concurrency options, we ll create a simple application called SlowWorker, which simulates doing some long-running operations such as fetching data from a server, and performing some calculations. This app presents the user with a button to initiate some work, and shows the results in a text view when it s done (see Figure 16 1).
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