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CHAPTER 14: Game Center
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Adding a New Location
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Assuming an order or exact match when it s not needed
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'' draw the entity Set objEnt = ThisDrawing.ModelSpace.AddCone(dblCenter, dblRadius, _ dblHeight) objEnt.Update ThisDrawing.SendCommand "_shade" & vbCr End Sub
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Creating a custom BDC Web Part
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It s common practice to have one test class per tested class, one test project per tested project, and at least one test method per tested method.
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Layered effects Animation Transforms A poor attempt at counting the dimensions of a page
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As you get used to working with Xcode, you might get tired of seeing this welcome screen. No problem! To get rid of the welcome screen, uncheck the Show at launch check box in the lower-left corner of the window.
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760 Silverlight (continued) bidirectional text 9 bitmap API 8 browser limitations 341 342 business features 7 ClearType fonts 9 code-behind 417 425 collect handwritten information 199 commands 438 442 communication APIs 336 configuration dialog 67 connecting to Twitter 10 18 connecting to web services 343 creating a new application 12 customizing install experience 722 724 data binding 262 267 database access 342 deploying media 573 development 9 10 dialog boxes 8 differences from WPF 35 DRM 8 entry point 50 every page a UserControl 253 font support 208 fonts 9 and H.264 8 hosting 12 hosting server 63 improvement over HTML 245, 248, 415 initializing 71 installation 58 integrating media 573 integration with a web page 65 and JavaScript 5 latest plug-in version 723 media delivery methods 574 media enhancements 7 Media Stream Source API 7 microphones 8 and mouse scrolling 8 multi-touch support 8 networking APIs 336 networking stack 7 new features 6 9 out-of-browser mode 7 performance 65 PlayReady 591 plug-in not installed 721 724 PNG support 8
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CHAPTER 18: Email on Your iPhone
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The value of the identifier property of a persistent instance The value returned by ISession.GetIdentifier(object o)
Okay, that output is pretty awful the columns aren t lining up. But the information we want is there, so let s tackle the formatting later. In listing 19.1, you can see that I ve put the computer name into a variable of its own B. That separates the computer name from the rest of the task. I m also using Write-Host to create a table header c, and then using the -f operator to format a table row d. The string that precedes the -f operator has placeholders like {0} and {1}, as well as tab characters (`t). The comma-separated list after the -f operator provides the values for each of the four placeholders. This will be our starting point.
Virtualization, following the car analogy, is the suspension. It provides the high server utilization you need. It smoothes out the variations between applications that need barely any CPU time (they can share a CPU with other applications) and those that are compute intensive and need every CPU cycle they can get. Virtualization is the singlemost revolutionary cloud technology whose broad acceptance and deployment truly enabled the cloud computing trend to begin. Without virtualization, and the 60-plus percent server utilization it allows, the economics of the cloud would not work.
Listing 10 Using WITH CHANGE_TRACKING_CONTEXT() in an INSTEAD OF trigger
DECLARE @x xml = N' <sale xmlns:products = "urn:store:products" xmlns:customers = "http://www.tempuri.org/customerdata"> <customers:Name>Jerry Lee Lewis</customers:Name> <products:Name>Baby Grand Piano</products:Name> </sale>'; WITH XMLNAMESPACES('urn:store:products' AS products) SELECT @x.query(N'/sale/products:Name/text()') AS ProductName; WITH XMLNAMESPACES('http://www.tempuri.org/customerdata' AS customers) SELECT @x.query(N'/sale/customers:Name/text()') AS CustomerName;
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