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A generic type is used in the query expression pattern to illustrate the proper relationships between parameter and result types, but it is possible to implement the pattern for nongeneric types as well. The standard query operators we described in chapters 3 and 4 provide an implementation of the query operator pattern for any type that implements the IEnumerable<T> interface. Although we re used to working on collections with the standard query operators in the context of LINQ to Objects and LINQ to XML, you can see that IEnumerable<T> is not part of the pattern. This means we can use LINQ with any object and not just enumerations/sequences. The standard query operators are implemented as extension methods, but the patterns methods can be implemented as extension methods or as instance methods, because the two have the same invocation syntax. The methods can request delegates or expression trees as their parameters because lambda expressions are convertible to both. Although recommended for completeness, providing an implementation of all the previously listed methods is not required.
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Figure 10-10. The words then in the first line and if in the last line have been omitted.
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This requires reworking the Sort method so that an Exception can be handled and processing can continue. Without this modification we would call ResetAbort. We would then be able to stay in the thread s method. Next we would exit the catch clause, and execute the finally clause. Next we would exit the try block, exit the method, and end the thread. We would have ignored the Abort but the thread would have ended anyway. We use the stateInfo parameter of the Abort method to pass in a Boolean indicating if it is permissible for the Abort to be ignored. This allows the caller of the Abort to permit the thread to ignore the abort. The first thing we need to do is change the outer loop from a for loop to a while loop and change where the counter was initialized. Additionally we added a while loop to allow us to resume our sorting:
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The GetReal method is similar to GetInteger but gets floating-point numbers. It returns a value of data type Double. dblUserRealInput = UtilityObject.GetReal([Prompt]) This method s Prompt parameter, a string, is optional. Use it to specify a prompt for input.
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This appendix lists additional sources of information about the .NET Framework. The Internet sites listed here were valid as of January 1, 2002. The sites are listed without prejudice. You can make your own judgment on which ones most closely match your needs. Internet resources csharp.superexpert.com msdn.microsoft.com (Microsoft Developer Network) www.4guysfromrolla.com www.codeproject.com www.csharpfree.com www.csharphelp.com www.csharpindex.com www.csharp-station.com www.cshrp.net www.c-sharpcenter.com www.c-sharpcorner.com 690
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public class TestClass : Control { [TypeConverter(typeof(BorderTypeConverter))] public Border Border { get { return (Border)GetValue(BorderProperty); } set { SetValue(BorderProperty, value); } }
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if (dataForm.IsItemValid) { }
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Because we want to show both the Territory and Salesperson dimensions as matrix row groups, we use the MDX CrossJoin function, which returns an MDX set on the ROWS dimension. The [Employee].Members statement returns all items of the Employee dimension. We use the Children statement to retrieve only the items at the Territory group level. Finally, to set the matrix s column groups, we need to fetch the members of both the year and quarter levels of the Time dimension. We accomplish this by using the Descendants statement. This statement retrieves the dimension members between two specified levels.
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With a socket being just a special kind of file handle, you can use the usual read() and write() system calls to send and receive data. For datagram-oriented connections, you might want to use sendto() and recvfrom() instead. sendto() allows you to specify a different remote address for each datagram you send, while a plain write() will always use the address set by connect(). recvfrom() serves a similar purpose, returning the source address of a datagram alongside its content. Figure 8-8 shows the two most common uses of the API for datagram-oriented sockets. We use sendto() in Listing 8-4 to implement sendData:toAddress:port:, which sends an NSData instance over the network. NOTE: You can still use sendto() and recvfrom() even if you set a remote address using connect(). The use of recvfrom() is limited in this case, however, since such a datagram socket will drop all datagrams arriving from sources other than its remote address.
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Take a look at the definition of PrintDVDTitle() s second parameter. Notice that the first of the two dimensions is missing (the first pair of brackets is empty). While we could have included the first dimension (kMaxDVDs), the fact that we were able to leave it out makes a really interesting point. When memory is allocated for an array, it is allocated as one big block. To access a specific element of the array, the compiler uses the dimensions of the array, as well as the specific element requested to calculate an offset into this block.
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In the past, a finished software package might have been released as an executable, as DLL and LIB files, as a DLL containing a COM object and a typelib, or as some other mechanism. In the .NET runtime, the mechanism of packaging is the assembly. When code is compiled by one of the .NET compilers, it s converted to an intermediate form known as Intermediate Language (IL). The assembly contains all the IL, metadata, and other files required for a package to run in one complete package. Each assembly contains a manifest that enumerates the files contained in the assembly, controls what types and resources are exposed outside the assembly, and maps references from those types and resources to the files that contain the types and resources. The manifest also lists the other assemblies that an assembly depends upon. Assemblies are self-contained; enough information exists in the assembly for it to be self-describing. When defining an assembly, the assembly can be contained in a single file, or it can be split amongst several files. Using several files will enable a scenario where sections of the assembly are downloaded only as needed.
This shows how to use the RowDetailsTemplate property. This property uses a DataTemplate to display additional details about a row in a way dependent upon the value of the RowDetailsVisibilityMode property. The RowDetailsVisibilityMode property determines when the details associated with a row are shown. By default, this property is set to Collapsed, but you can change this value to any option available within the DataGridRowDetailsVisibilityMode enumeration. This enumeration provides three options. All are shown in relation to the DataGrid with the emoticons (table 12.2). This table shows the options available within the DataGridRowDetailsVisibilityMode enumeration. These options, coupled with the RowDetailsTemplate property,
What class could be used to view the current IP address of a network adapter Does the class have any methods that could be used to release a DHCP lease (Hint: Network is a good keyword here.) Create a table that shows a computer name, operating system build number, operating system description (caption), and BIOS serial number. (Hint: You ve
myInt = 27 * (6 % 5);
Connecting to data sources
Flying on an Airplane: Airplane Mode
Determining requirements In this stage you determine the capacity-planning requirements and establish a performance goal. The bulk of the effort will be spent on quantifying the anticipated load in requests per second (reports per second). In our hypothetical scenario, RS has already been deployed and is running in production. Therefore, as a first step, you need to analyze the RS Execution Log to find out the following: How many report requests has the Report Server handled for a given period How were these requests distributed Once you answer these questions, you can easily extrapolate the increased load. Determining the number of report requests By far, the easiest way to find out how many reports the Report Server has handled within a given period of time is to analyze the report s execution log.
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