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Video poker: the poker engine and its interfaces Figure 3.9 shows an overview of the complete video poker application.
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Extending your productivity in SSMS and Query Analyzer
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Procedural programs are based on functions. The data orbits around the functions. Object orientation reverses this point of view, placing a program s data at the center, with the functions orbiting around the data. Instead of focusing on functions in your programs, you concentrate on the data. That sounds interesting, but how does it work In OOP, data contains references to the code that operates on it, using indirection. Rather than telling the drawRectangle() function to go draw a rectangle using this shape structure, you instead ask a rectangle to go draw yourself (gosh, that sounds rude, but it s really not). Through the magic of indirection, the rectangle s data knows how to find the function that will perform the drawing.
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[XmlRpcMethod("metaWeblog.getPost")] Returns post as IDictionary metaweblog_getPost( a dictionary string postid, string username, string password); [XmlRpcMethod("metaWeblog.getRecentPosts")] Returns list of posts, IList metaweblog_getRecentPosts( each a dictionary string blogid, string username, string password, int maxEntries); [XmlRpcMethod("metaWeblog.getCategories")] Returns a dictionary IDictionary metaweblog_getCategories( of dictionaries string blogid, string username, string password); [XmlRpcMethod("metaWeblog.newMediaObject")] Returns a dictionary IDictionary metaweblog_newMediaObject( with a url member string blogid, string username, string password, Resource resource); } }
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Your script is meant to serve a purpose and use external influences, such as user input, data files, templates, or databases to perform its functions. These external influences are most certain to change during the scriptwriting process or after the script has been put in use. It is when you need to either fix bugs or update your script to meet the changing environment that your own demons will come back to haunt you. You should consider a few tips when attempting to make your script easier to maintain: Limit the use of global variables and script properties. These staples are really easy and tempting to use but will make the script difficult to untangle. Comment, comment, comment. Looking at your script again after a period of time can make it seem more like some ancient scriptures. Well-placed, clear comments that explain what different parts of the script do can mean a ten-point difference on your blood-pressure test.
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you don t have to know or care about the type of object stored in $x. You only care that it has a property named Count. PowerShell never generates code to directly access the Count property on a particular type of object. Instead it makes an indirect call through 58
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The result history feature keeps track of all script results in chronological order. Choose Window Result History, and click the clock-shaped History button. Figure 2-11 shows the Result History window.
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requesting images 345 rs argument 348 shelling out to the browser 358 syntax 344 url encoding 345 using LinkLabel 344 URL length limitations 385 URL munging 278 Use single transaction option 81 User CAS policy 533 User collection 159, 167, 425 user identity 312 user job 267 definition 267 user-defined aggregate functions
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Word-Length-3 is a shining example of indirection. Rather than coding the words directly into your program, you re instead saying, Go look in /tmp/words.txt to get the words. With this scheme, we can change the set of words anytime we want, just by editing this text file, without having to change the program. Go ahead and try it out: add a couple of words to your words.txt file and rerun the program. We ll wait for you here. This approach is better, because text files are easier to edit and far less fragile than source code. You can get your nonprogrammer friends to use TextEdit to do the editing. Your marketing staff can keep the list of words up to date, which frees you to work on more interesting tasks. As you know, people always come along with new ideas for upgrading or enhancing a program. Maybe your investors have decided that counting the length of cooking terms is the new path to profit. Now that your program looks at a file for its data, you can change the set of words all you want without ever having to touch the code. Despite great advances in indirection, Word-Length-3 is still rather fragile, because it insists on using a full path name to the words file. And that file itself is in a precarious position: if the computer reboots, /tmp/words.txt vanishes. Also, if others are using the program on your machine with their own /tmp/words.txt file, they could accidentally stomp on your copy. You could edit the program each time to use a different path, but we already know that that s no fun, so let s add another indirection trick to make our lives easier.
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Figure 10.5 Log truncation can t remove log records for active transactions or records from completed transactions that began after the oldest active transaction.
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Length Name ------ ---foo
Figure 3 21. Transferring files to your iPad
6.7.1 Letting the user cancel downloads
Reporting Services 2005 includes a VS .NET shell for report authoring. If you already have VS .NET 2005 installed, RS will install a new set of Business Intelligence (BI) projects into VS .NET. If you do not have VS .NET 2005, the installation will install the Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS). Throughout the rest of this book we refer to VS .NET and the BIDS interchangeably. Visual Studio provides several options for authoring RS reports:
4.2.3 Version control Version control software facilitates the efficient management of the modification and revision history of files throughout a project s life cycle. Version control is a topic within a discipline of software engineering called Software Configuration Management (SCM). SCM is a mechanism, instituted through defined processes, whose goal is to ensure the classification, control, and traceability of a software system throughout its life cycle; it is implemented using software tools and procedures designed to address these objectives. Configuration management was rooted in the defense industry of the early 1960s, and was an early attempt by management to control the increasing complexity of designs and the design process. One of the first version control systems available on the UNIX platform was Source Code Control System (SCCS), developed by Marc Rochkind at Bell Telephone Laboratories in 1972. At the present time, the two most popular version control systems are Revision Control System (RCS), written by Walter F. Tichy in the early 1980s while at Purdue University; and Concurrent Versions System (CVS), which is built on top of RCS and uses many RCS programs to perform its actions. The primary difference between RCS and CVS lies in how they interact with multiple users. RSC locks a file when someone checks it out, which simplifies version control and sidesteps many unnecessary problems. For example, multiple developers editing a file simultaneously can lead to one developer breaking the other s code. Single checkout forces them to talk to each other and resolve any conflicts before changing code. CVS does not (usually) lock files; instead, it merges changes into each developer s code base. Conflicts can arise, but they are rare. This system allows many people to work in parallel, and as long as they do not create incompatible code, CVS will fold in each developer s changes as requested.
Disk configuration
Load Data Into Table
Loading and Running Applications
=AWC.RS.Library.RsLibrary.ShowItem(Fields!<field name>)
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