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Click inside the control and use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+V. 7 Set the properties for the tab control and page.
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Practical auditing in SQL Server 2008
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Registers namespace
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VB 9.0 doesn t support lambda expressions. They are a new C# 3.0 feature that simplifies coding delegates and anonymous methods.
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any enterprises have servers in multiple geographical locations and require central monitoring of those servers. With MOM 2005, you can configure a multitiered management group that utilizes alert forwarding, which is a set of workflow processes designed to create a hierarchical systems management infrastructure. Multitiered management groups can be used to achieve centralized monitoring. This type of monitoring is designed to forward only alerts, so it is very efficient, even for use by sites that do not have high bandwidth capacity. Alert forwarding enables management servers in one management group to send alerts to another management group, creating an efficient hierarchical alert management structure for large enterprise networks. This chapter will introduce you to the concepts and how to configure a multitiered management group. This chapter covers the following: Design and installation of multitiered management groups Configuration of multitiered management groups Centralized reporting from multiple management groups
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Instead of going into more detail about what you can do to be sure that you can always migrate an object, and there would be a lot of detail, let s ask whether there is a way you can avoid having to change a schema. Surely not! You can write your application now and try to imagine everything you need to keep track of, but once people start using it, they are going to have suggestions. One of the downsides of putting an application out into the world is that you then have to deal with users, and users have suggestions and report bugs and behave in other inconvenient ways. You have to deal with users who have entered data into your application and who do not want you to upgrade your app in such a way that their data gets deleted. When I was working on EOF and WebObjects for Apple, I created a class that uses KVC in an unusual way. I am going to use this trick again to make it so that the Event entity will not have to be changed, even when you want to see new attributes in the UI. To do this, add another entity to your schema. It will be helpful to create a third version of your schema at this point and add the entity in that version. Call the new entity EventExtra. Add an attribute called name and an attribute called value. These are both of type String. After you are done, your new Locations03.xcdatamodel file should look like Figure 6-7.
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The commands ASCII number and ASCII character are actually defined in Standard Additions, a set of scripting additions that comes installed as part of the operating system. You ll learn more about it throughout the book.
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Each textbox has a Language property that you can explicitly set to a specific locale. If you do so, the textbox content will be formatted according to the specified language. Take, for example, the Product Catalog Localized report. You may want to show the product list price always formatted as dollars, regardless of the fact that international users can request the report with various language settings. To do this, you change the Language property of the ListPrice textbox item to English (United States). Of course, another way to accomplish this would be to use user-defined format specifiers instead of culture-neutral, such as $#.#00.00. However, I would advise against this practice because of the rework involved if you change your mind later and decide to localize the textbox item. If the textbox language is not set, the report language will be used. To change the locale at a report level, you change the report Language property. If the report language is not set, the Report Server will honor the browser language settings. For example, in the case of Internet Explorer, the user can specify multiple languages that will be treated by the browser and prioritize them when viewing web content. In Internet Explorer end users can specify preferred languages by using the Language Preference dialog, as shown in figure 5.23.
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[Personalizable(PersonalizationScope.User, true)]
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When named script objects appear in your compiled script, they become instantiated as soon as the script compiles. In this case you do not need to instantiate the script, and you can refer to it by name, as shown here: tell simon to run script simon display dialog "I'm running!" end script
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You can see that Shape ties up in one neat package all the stuff that was duplicated in different classes before. The implementation of Shape is lovely and unsurprising:
// Define the columns listViewMain.Columns.Add("Caption", 100, HorizontalAlignment.Left); listViewMain.Columns.Add("Taken", 70, HorizontalAlignment.Center); listViewMain.Columns.Add("Photographer", 100, HorizontalAlignment.Left); listViewMain.Columns.Add("File Name", 200, HorizontalAlignment.Left); }
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One aspect of deploying script solutions in other locations or multiple systems that can become a nightmare is version control. Keeping track of script versions to track updates and system disparity can be challenging, and many things can go wrong. One thing you have to do when version control becomes an issue is to sit down and work out a simple system for dealing with it. A good start would be a property at the top of the script with a version number and another one with the last date of modification. Another simple idea is to add release notes in the description area, as shown in Figure 25-1.
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