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The next step is to combine all the variables into a single message you can use to inform the user of the file s age. You do that with simple string concatenation, as shown in Figure 5-11. Also note in Figure 5-11 that I have reinstated the initial script lines that allow the user to choose a file and disabled the temporary line you used for testing.
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8MB shared level 3 cache
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public abstract class BaseStringParserTests Turns GetParser() into an abstract method { protected abstract IStringParser GetParser(string input); [Test] public void GetStringVersionFromHeader_SingleDigit_Found() { string input = "header;version=1;\n"; w Calls abstract factory method IStringParser parser = GetParser(input); string versionFromHeader = parser.GetTextVersionFromHeader(); Assert.AreEqual("1",versionFromHeader); } [Test] public void GetStringVersionFromHeader_WithMinorVersion_Found() { string input = "header;version=1.1;\n"; w Calls abstract factory method IStringParser parser = GetParser(input); //...
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#define ifc_buf ifc_ifcu.ifcu_buf /* buffer address */ #define ifc_req ifc_ifcu.ifcu_req /* array of structures returned */
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PS (5) > ddir Directory: Microsoft.PowerShell.Core\FileSystem::C:\files Mode ---d---d---d---LastWriteTime ------------8/19/2006 2:35 PM 8/19/2006 2:36 PM 8/19/2006 2:35 PM Length Name ------ ---d1 d2 d3
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Figure 5-26. The General tab of the Alert Rule Properties dialog
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To sum up the benefits we ve just listed, we could say that genericity has a cost. What using LINQ to SQL in a RAD way allows is fine-grained customization. We ve just identified using LINQ to SQL directly as an interesting solution for data access, but we said previously that we d consider another option: creating a real data access layer written using LINQ to SQL. Why consider this second option Are there problems if we use LINQ to SQL directly Here are some limitations you should keep in mind if you decide to go the LINQ to SQL RAD route:
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public AlbumEditDlg() { . . . // Initialize radio button tags this.rbtnCaption.Tag = (int) PhotoAlbum.DisplayValEnum.Caption; this.rbtnDate.Tag = (int) PhotoAlbum.DisplayValEnum.Date; this.rbtnFileName.Tag = (int) PhotoAlbum.DisplayValEnum.FileName; }
CHAPTER 2: Mike Ash s Deep Dive Into Peer-to-Peer Networking
+ (void) assertDatabaseExists { NSAssert1(database, @"Database not set. Set the database using [ISModel _ setDatabase] before using ActiveRecord.", @""); }
A nil receiver always returns nil or 0 to the caller as long as the caller is expecting the message to return one of the variable types in Table 7-1. The compatible variable types are essentially any pointer or scalar. Table 7-1. nil Message Return Values
Java object.method(); object.method(param); Objective-C [object method]; [object methodWithParam:param]; Objective-C does not call object methods, as Java does. It sends messages to objects. This is more than a semantic difference. Java works very much like C or C++ when you call a method. The method name in the statement identifies the method to execute. The parameters of the call are pushed onto the stack along with a return address. Execution flow is then transferred to the method. Objective-C invokes a method by first pushing the parameters of the method onto the stack. It then calls a central dispatching function, passing it the object pointer and a compact method identifier called a selector. This dispatching function uses the two to locate the object s method and transfer execution to the method s code. The method executes and returns, just like any C or Java method. The difference might seem trivial, or even pointless, but it is the key to Objective-C s dynamism and is critical to several important and unique language features. This will become more evident as you work through the chapters of this book. To underscore this concept, Objective-C uses different language to describe the process of invoking methods. In Objective-C, you send a message to an object. The calling object is the sender and the object whose method is being invoked is the receiver. The term receiver is used extensively in Objective-C, especially in documentation (as in the phrase returns the number of Unicode characters in the receiver ). The terms method and message are often used interchangeably.
Figure 4.14 The Directory tab of the ContractMgr Properties box
CREATE THE VIEW MENU Action 1 Add a top-level View menu to the right of our existing File menu.
and resumed by an administrator using the Services Control Manager. Windows services run in the security context of a specific user account which typically differs from the logged-on user or default account. Coding a Windows service involves defining methods to handle the start, stop, pause, continue, and any custom commands. We do this by deriving our service class from System.ServiceProcess.ServiceBase and overriding the appropriate protected instance methods: OnStart Executes when a start command is sent to the service. This can happen automatically when the machine is booted or the service may be started manually by an administrator using the Services Control Manager. Typically, you would add code here to open a connection to a database or perform some other initialization of the service. In our case, we ll use it to configure remoting and load any remote objects. OnStop Executes when a stop command is sent to the service. We might add code here to release resources and close connections. OnPause Executes when a pause command is sent to the service. OnContinue Executes when a continue command is issued to resume a paused service. OnShutdown Executes when the system is shutting down. 5.9.1 Coding the poker Windows service In our case, we re interested in only the OnStart method since, when the service stops, the remote object will no longer be available. Also, we don t need the ability to pause and resume the poker machine so we ll disable these commands. The PokerService will look like:
The following sections summarize the chapter in an intensive reference style. Use these sections to look up facts related to the chapter without the chatter.
Now let s do some assignments. First assign an integer.
Index design and maintenance
C# also allows conversion between unrelated classes (or structs) to be overloaded. We discuss this later in this chapter. As with numeric conversions, implicit conversions are those that will always succeed, and explicit conversions are those that may fail.
Now, modify the drawControlPointAtX:y: methods, adding an additional parameter to specify whether or not do draw the highlighted variant, and the bold lines shown here:
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