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_waveFormat = new WaveFormatEx(); _waveFormat.BitsPerSample = _audioBitsPerSample; _waveFormat.AvgBytesPerSec = (int)ByteRate; _waveFormat.Channels = _audioChannels; _waveFormat.BlockAlign = (short)(_audioChannels * (_audioBitsPerSample / 8)); _waveFormat.ext = null; _waveFormat.FormatTag = WaveFormatEx.FormatPCM;
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In figure 4.2, you can see a business data grid that has been configured to show the data from the Production.Products entity from the Adventure Works database. Once you ve configured the web part, depending on the number of columns that you returned in your entity, you re likely to have a wide web part, because the web part defaults to displaying every column and will grow to incorporate them. We can make an adjustment and choose which columns to display by clicking the Edit View link in the top right side of the web part. This link only displays when the web part page is in Edit mode. In the Edit view, you can specify which items you want to retrieve. Set your item limit, specify which columns you want to display, and set the sorting, filtering, and pagination options. In our example, we re going to reduce the number of columns to two, in order to simply display the ProductID and Name columns. Note that you can also set the Title column, which gives you an Edit Control Block menu on the specified column to link you to the Profile page, as shown in figure 4.3. Once you click the hyperlink or the View Profile menu item, you re taken to the Profile page that BDC creates for you. The Row ID is passed as a query string to the Profile page. The Profile page contains the Business Data Item Web Part and the Business Data Item Builder Web Part, which displays all of the columns and values in a column format for that particular row. The View Profile page can be seen in figure 4.4.
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Tap and slide your finger here to quickly move through notes.
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If you do not have an Apple ID and clicked the I do not have an Apple ID option, shown in Figure 1 6, follow these steps to register your iPad and create an ID. 1. Click Continue (Figure 1 6) to see the registration screen shown in Figure 1 7.
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Take a hypothetical example: Reign.net provisions an application with a server costing $500. The server handles the target application it will be running at baseline user load. If Reign.net tries to provision for a huge two-day spike with 10 Amazon EC2 medium CPU virtual machines to handle spikes (the price is $0.20 per hour each), then the total cost of handling the projected spike is around $48. To adequately cover this spike locally would require an expense of $5,000 for 10 servers that would be idle most of the time. Given this compelling business case, you may ask why you wouldn t move everything to the cloud. It s important to note several reasons:
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Listing 1-25. Using Sum and GroupBy Operators to Obtain Salary Results
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As soon as you start browsing a bit on your iPhone, you will want to quickly access your favorite web sites. One good way to do this is to add bookmarks for one-tap access to web sites. TIP: You can sync your Bookmarks from your computer s web browser (Safari or Internet Explorer only) using iTunes on your computer. Check out 3: Sync Your iPhone with iTunes for more details.
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Adding a Page to the Dictionary application
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Writes Reads MySQL Database (Master)
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If you run the program now, you ll get the same results as we got before the changes.
In the configuration file under the assemblyBinding node, a new dependent assembly is added. This contains an assembly identity, which specifies the name, public key token, and culture for the assembly. The redirection contains the source version range and the target version. With SharePoint 2010, the ability to create assembly redirection has been incorporated into the solution manifest. That way, you avoid manual editing of the configuration file and thus avoid creating inconsistency between servers. When an assembly gets a new version and you want to use assembly redirection, you open the solution manifest in the Package editor and choose to edit the manifest template. From the preview windows of the packaged manifest, copy the Assemblies node into the manifest template editor; then delete everything beneath the Assembly element and add the redirect as follows:
will inherit all the behaviors that are defined by class NSObject. We ll explore inheritance in much greater detail in the next chapter.
IMPLEMENT PREVIOUS HANDLER Action 1 Add a Click handler for the Previous menu item. Implement this handler using the CurrentPrev method.
Creating a group blog via aggregation
This code goes below where we got the docPage and replaces all the code to create the BitmapImage and the Image control. If we run now, the results look just like figure 18.10, except that we can now select text in the definition (figure 18.11). There s quite a bit more to the XPS format. We could talk a lot about the fact that it can carry with it all the font information it needs, as well as various other information. Also, there s a FixedDocumentViewer control that makes it easy to display XPS documents in your own applications. But, we ve taken printing about as far as we can reasonably do without dedicating the rest of the book to the topic, and, as you ve seen, using the core capabilities of WPF printing is pretty straightforward.
From the New Contact screen we ve been working in, just touch the Add Photo button next to the First Last tab. If you are changing a photo, when you are in edit contact mode, you ll see edit at the bottom of the existing photo. After you touch the add photo button, you ll see that you can Take a Photo Choose a Photo If there s a photo already in place, you can Edit a Photo Delete a Photo
It s quite common to have tables with a high correlation between a nonclustered index and the clustered index. In these situations, the optimizer tends to overestimate the cost of using the nonclustered index, which can lead to suboptimal query plans. The accompanying T-SQL script shows you how to determine if there is a strong correlation, and predicts whether adding an index hint could help your queries performance. As the examples have shown, such intervention can massively boost performance.
.NET Table 9.5 Button class
Table 2
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