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Don t worry if you don t know what the heck I m talking about here. I ll introduce you to memory management with cocos2d later in this chapter and it ll become clearer why every iOS application is wrapped inside an NSAutoreleasePool.
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The second difference is that NSMapTable objects are initialized with two sets of function pointers: one set for the keys and one set for the values. This allows you to define a map that stores copies of keys using strong references and weak references to values, references to key and copies of values, weak keys and weak values, or any other combination that makes sense to your application. There are four convenience constructors for the most common configurations: +mapTableWithStrongToStrongObjects, +mapTableWithWeakToStrongObjects, +mapTableWithStrongToWeakObjects, and +mapTableWithWeakToWeakObjects.
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Listing 5.12 The Coordinate Web Part definition
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Listing 2.1 A Person class in C#
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Note: The Modifiers property used here establishes the accessibility level of the control. The three buttons use the default setting of Private. The Protected setting creates a protected control so that it can be modified in subclasses.
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insight into where, specifically, SQL Server is spending its time. Here is a short list of best practices: Always start with the Big Four PerfMon counters Memory, CPU, I/O, and Network. Don t wing it when figuring out which PerfMon counters to use with SQL Server. Use the accumulated decades of experience of other SQL Server experts (like myself, Jimmy May, Brent Ozar, and the SQL Server CSS team) to guide you in choosing from the literally thousands of PerfMon counters that apply to SQL Server. Resources are identified at the end of the chapter. To reduce overhead, monitor only the counters that you need. The more you monitor, the more the overhead. (When in doubt, monitor more counters and then cut back one at a time rather than monitoring too few counters and not getting enough actionable information.) You can further reduce PerfMon overhead by reducing the polling frequency of your logging activity from 15 seconds to 30 seconds (or more) when the system is under a great deal of strain. The longer the polling interval, the smaller the log file. You can also cap the size of the log file, where disk space is scarce, by setting the file type to binary circular file and giving it a specific file size. When the log file reaches its maximum size, it continues to record PerfMon information, overwriting data at the start of the circular file.
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Offering Alternatives
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ftell() takes a FILE pointer as a parameter and returns a long containing the value of the
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When running AppleScript scripts from a FileMaker Pro script step, FileMaker Pro is considered to be the default application. This means if you choose, you don t have to use the tell application "FileMaker Pro" line. I recommend you do, though, in order to make your scripts also usable outside the context of a FileMaker Pro script. This also lets you write your script in your usual AppleScript editor and then just copy and paste the finished code into FileMaker Pro once you re happy with it. (Writing AppleScripts in Script Editor or Script Debugger is a lot nicer than doing it in FileMaker Pro!)
Default: SYSTEMDRIVE\SQL Server install path\MSSQL$ InstanceName\Data 0: Check prerequisites 1: Do not check prerequisites Default: 0
public DataTable GetEntityDataAsDataTable(BusinessDataField businessDataField, int parameter) { // Get the BDC Instance from the Business Data Field Parameter string instance = businessDataField.SystemInstanceName; // Get the BDC Entity from the Business Data Field Parameter string entity = businessDataField.EntityName; // Call method to set the SQL Provider Context SetProviderToServerContext(); // Impersonate the Current Windows user WindowsIdentity.GetCurrent().Impersonate(); NamedLobSystemInstanceDictionary sysInstances = ApplicationRegistry.GetLobSystemInstances(); LobSystemInstance lobSystemInstance = sysInstances[instance]; // Get desired Entity from the LobSystems Entities Entity lobEntity = lobSystemInstance.GetEntities()[entity]; // Use the Specific Finder to get out Entity Instance IEntityInstance entityInstance = lobEntity.FindSpecific(parameter, lobSystemInstance); return entityInstance.EntityAsFormattedDataTable; }
A DockPanel lets you arrange items against the edges of the window. This is close to the way in which docking works in Windows Forms you specify docking for controls, and those controls are put against the appropriate edge. As you can see from the example, it s probably not the most appropriate layout to use for our calculator.
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