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pre-determined rules for how objects are created, serialized, copied, and so on. Objective-C, in contrast, provides only the bare essentials and leaves the implementation decisions to the class designers. You can t change how objects are created in Java, but you can in Objective-C. You might not need to do it often, but you can do it with great effect.
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AtomBlogCollection Created by AtomBlog, this class is an inner class of AtomBlog that represents a collection of entries, which can be of type AtomEntry or AtomResource. AtomEntry Created by AtomBlog, this class represents an Atom blog entry. The class extends the abstract BaseBlogEntry class and implements the BlogEntry interface. It calls back to AtomBlog to do the work of saving, updating, and deleting. It uses PubControl, a custom ROME module, to handle the <app:draft> flag. AtomResource Created by AtomBlog, this class represents an Atom media collection member. It implements BlogResource and extends AtomEntry, because Atom represents resources as entries.
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All query languages provide a mechanism for ordering query results. HQL provides an order by clause, similar to SQL.
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myMultiScaleImage.Source = new DeepZoomImageTileSource( new System.Uri("images/dzc_output.xml", UriKind.Relative));
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@interface Car : NSObject <NSCopying> { // instance variables } // methods @end // Car
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The main struggle with subroutines is making sure the subroutine definition (the part that actually does the work) properly uses the parameters the user wants to feed it. This feeding of parameters to the subroutine happens in the subroutine call: the part that tells the script to execute the subroutine. Hence, your main effort here will be finding a way to pass values from the call to the definition.
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Listing 5.22 The PokMsg and PokerQueue classes
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Similar to VoiceOver, Zoom uses the threefingered gestures. Make sure to take note of them before you leave the screen.
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As we said, not all value types are simple. It s possible for value types to also define associations. For example, the Money value type may have a property called Currency that is an association to a Currency entity, as shown in figure 6.2. If your value types have associations, they must always point to entities. The reason is that, if those associations could point from entities to value types, a value type could potentially belong to several entities, which isn t desirable. This is one of the great things about value types; if you update a value-type instance, you know that it affects only the entity that owns it. For example, changing the TotalAmount of one Order can t accidentally affect others. <<value type>> <<entity>> So far, we ve talked about value types and Money Currency entities from an object-oriented perspective. Amount: double Id: string Currency: Currency Name: string To build a more complete picture, we now Symbol: string look at how the relational model sees value types and entities, and how NHibernate Figure 6.2 The Money value type with an association to a Currency entity bridges the gap.
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The function compares the values 23 and 42. This time, because they re different, areIntsDifferent() returns YES, and the user sees text stating the monumental fact that 23 and 42 are different values. Here s the final return statement, which wraps up our BOOL Party:
<entry xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2005/Atom"> <title>Atom test post title</title> <link rel="alternate" href="http://localhost:8080/roller/page/ adminblog entry=atom_test_post_title" /> <link rel="edit" href="http://localhost:8080/roller/app/adminblog/entry/4020590001" /> <id>http://localhost:8080/roller/page/ adminblog entry=atom_test_post_title</id> <updated>2005-12-30T17:11:51Z</updated> <published>2005-12-30T17:11:51Z</published> <content type="html">Atom test post content</content> <app:control xmlns:app="http://purl.org/atom/app#"> <app:draft>no</app:draft> </app:control> </entry>
Listing 10.2 The default appearances of a checked and unchecked RadioButton
This operator is really useful when we have to implement particular joins, such as SQL s LEFT OUTER join. Listing 1-17 provides and example:
Say: "Call Elizabeth" to call Elizabeth from your Contacts list. If you have more than one Elizabeth, you will be asked to clarify. Say: "Call Gary Mazo Mobile" to call Gary Mazo on his mobile phone. Say: "Dial 1-800-555-1212" to call that number. TIP: For very common names such as John or Susan, you should use both the first and last name for that person. You can also edit contact entries for people you call a lot and add in a unique nickname for those people.
Understanding persistence ignorance
Because you have now handled the first half of this arrangement, let s move to the implementation file and execute the commands that we have announced. To do this, we open helloWorld_001ViewController.m, and then we scroll down past the green lines i.e., all of the comments. I want you to use the shortcut Command + V to paste the copied line from the last step in our dealings with the header file:
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