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Listing 1.9 A worker who signals it s time to stop all processing (C#)
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Best practice considerations: failover clustering
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Advanced filtering can be very simple.
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Unlocking the secrets of SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services
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23.1.2 Logic errors
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myInt /= 2; printf( "myInt ---> %d\n", myInt ); return 0; }
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CHAPTER 5: Wi-Fi and 3G Connectivity
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Partition scheme filegroup mapping for RANGE RIGHT function
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@"Result should be %f, not 100.0F", [newTemperatureInF floatValue]);
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Get-WmiObject -class Win32_OperatingSystem ` -computername 'localhost' | Where-Object { $_.BuildNumber -ge 7600 } | Format-Table __SERVER,Caption,BuildNumber,ServicePackMajorVersion, @{l='BIOSSerial';e={ Get-WmiObject -class Win32_BIOS -computername $_.__SERVER | Select-Object -expand SerialNumber }}
Give your playlist a unique name (we ll call this one Bike-riding music ), then touch Save.
Figure 7.1 The Report Builder application provides a simple environment for creating ad hoc reports.
The object that you use to create an archive is called the root object. It forms the anchor point in an undirected graph of objects that include all of the objects the root object refers to, any objects those objects refer to, and so on. The object graph might be simple, like an array or tree, but can also form loops and circular references. If the encoder blindly followed every object reference, multiple references to a single object would encode the object s data multiple times, and circular references would cause infinite recursion. Java s java.io.ObjectOutputStream and Objective-C s NSCoder classes solve this problem almost identically. The first time an object is sent to the coder via the -encodeObject: message, the coder recursively sends that object an -encodeWithCoder: message to encode its data in the stream. The coder also remembers that object instance. All subsequent -encodeObject: messages that refer to the same object simply insert a reference to the original object in the data stream. When decoding, all -decodeObject messages return a pointer to the instance of the single unarchived object. You don t have to do anything to get this behavior; it s just good to know how it works. Decoding an archive can unintentionally create duplicate objects. This can happen if encoded objects refer to objects in a shared pool. The decoder will create new instances of every unique object in the data stream. This leaves your application with duplicates of the shared objects. There are several of ways of dealing with this. One is to use an encoding scheme like the Pantone color example given earlier; encode some symbolic representation of the object, and then obtain its actual contents from a common resource. Another solution is to override the -(id)awakeAfterUsingCoder:(NSCoder*)decoder method. This message is sent to an object after it has been decoded. The object identifier returned by the method replaces the decoded object. The default implementation returns self (i.e., no replacement), but if you override it you can return any equivalent object instead. Listing 12-8 demonstrates an Attendee class that avoids creating duplicate Attendee objects and adds any new Attendee objects to the common pool.
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