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long time) General (short date + short time) General (short date + long time)
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Figure 2 11. The search box in Safari uses a placeholder to tell you that typing text into that field will initiate a Google web search.
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The TargetType property signals which System.Type a Style is applicable to. This property doesn t need to be set if you define a Style within an element, as shown in the previous examples. If you define a Style as a resource, you must set this property as shown in listing 23.11.
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Designing for on-demand capacity: cloudbursting
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It s a regular business method. Given that it s on the server, you probably have a reason it may call another web service, or it may hit a database to do a lookup. In this case, it s on the server to illustrate the invoke type. As mentioned, the Invoke attribute is optional. When in doubt, add the attribute to make your intentions clear. For normal CRUD methods where the name is sufficiently patterned using the naming conventions, this is usually unnecessary. But I find that Invoke methods can be ambiguous at first glance. Speaking of naming conventions, what happens when you want to avoid having them kick in
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IsComposable IsDefault ResultLimit
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COM+ provides developers with a checkbox solution to publishing XML web services. This new feature was first introduced with the release of Windows XP and now
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SELECT * FROM dbo.AB_GetProcedureStats('msdb') WHERE execution_count >= 50 -- WHERE avg_time_milliseconds >= 75 ORDER BY avg_time_milliseconds DESC;
MdiChildActivate Occurs when an MDI child form is activated or deactivated within an MDI application. Note that MDI children do not receive the Activated and Deactivate events. MdiListItem Gets the MenuItem object contained by this menu that displays a list of MDI child forms for the associated form object. Merges the MenuItem objects in a given menu with those contained by this menu. Gets or sets whether this menu should be populated with a list of MDI child forms contained by the associated form.
Using your Recents is similar to looking at your call log on other smartphones. When you touch the Recents icon, a list of all your recent calls will be listed. You can touch the All or Missed button at the top to narrow down the list. See Figure 10 4.
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When the gift card has been successfully applied to your account, you will see the total amount of the card in the upper right corner of the iTunes screen, right next to your sign-in name. Now you can use this gift card credit to buy stuff from the iTunes store.
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