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Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.WebControls.CategoryResultsWebPart
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No corresponding Mac OS X GUI program comes with the system.
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As you can see, the Functional Construction pattern offers a more concise style. Of course, the difference could be reduced if the Book, Publisher, and Author classes had constructors or if you used initializers. In fact, the real difference is elsewhere. Comparing the two pieces of code allows you to see how the Functional
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CHAPTER 2: Typing Tips, Copy/Paste & Search
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Listing 22.9 Creating a bouncing ball using keyframes
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The Installation Center is the starting point for a wide variety of tasks. For our example, let s start by clicking the Installation tab and then selecting the New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation option. Setup begins with a check for potential problems that may prevent an installation from completing successfully. You can view details of the checks by clicking Show Details. Address any problems preventing installation, or click OK to continue. Click Install to install the required setup support files. In the Setup Support Rules screen, additional checks are processed before installation continues; for example, the installer warns of the presence of Windows Firewall with a warning to unblock appropriate ports. Review the warnings/failures (if any) and click Next. The Installation Type screen lets you choose between installing a new instance or adding features to an existing instance. For our example, let s choose the default (Perform a New Installation) and click Next. The Product Key screen asks you to select between a free edition (Enterprise Evaluation or Express) or the option to enter a product key (supplied with the purchase of SQL Server). Make the appropriate choice and click Next. At the license terms screen, review the terms, check the I accept the license terms box, and click Next. On the Feature Selection screen shown in figure 4.3, select the appropriate features and choose an installation directory (or accept the default). You can display additional information on each feature by clicking on the feature name. Click Next. In the Instance Configuration screen, shown in figure 4.4, choose between a default or a named instance, enter the instance ID and root directory (or accept the default settings), and click Next. The Disk Space Requirements screen confirms the existence (or absence) of the necessary disk space for installation to proceed. Review the summary of required and available space and click Next to continue.
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Let s now focus our efforts on configuring the ASP.NET application that we built in chapter 3. First, we show you how to enable application isolation by creating an application pool. Then, you ll configure the application by setting properties within the Internet Services Manager MMC snap-in component. The sample application will be running in Worker Process Isolation Mode, which is set up by default when you install IIS 6. However, most applications written for IIS 5 will run in Worker Process Isolation Mode with little or no modification. This mode provides you with better security by isolating each worker process in the context of the Network Service identity. The Network Service user has fewer privileges than with the Local System, which was the default for IIS 5 and is the default for IIS 5 Isolation Mode. The Network Service can execute only web applications, whereas the Local System can read, execute, and change most applications on the server.
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throughout your farm. SharePoint Server 2010, by default, adds all the needed transformers for the filter Web Parts in the web.config file. The following are the default transformers registered in a SharePoint 2010 Server installation. The assembly where the transformer is defined appears within parentheses:
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The following sections summarize the chapter in an intensive reference style. Use this part to look up facts related to the chapter without the chatter.
Step 1: Creating our first ASP.NET page using LINQ Create a new page called Step1.aspx and add a GridView control to it so it looks like listing 4.7.
Creating a custom control
Explicit Animations
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