If you want pictures to repeat in a slideshow, just move the Repeat switch to ON. If you want the pictures to move in an order different from the way they are listed, just choose Shuffle and, just like the Shuffle command on the music player, the pictures will play in a random order.
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NOTE: You will only see those mail folders you have chosen to sync during the mail set up process. For example, you might have 20 mail folders on your main mail account, but you might only see a few folders on your iPhone. The default synced mail folders are Inbox, Sent, Draft, and Deleted Items. 3. 4. You may need to swipe to the bottom to see all your synced email folders. Tap any folder to view the mail items in that folder.
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In the C world, a well-designed algorithm results in a well-behaved program. On the other hand, a poorly designed algorithm can lead to unpredictable results. Suppose, for example, you wanted to write a program that added three numbers together, printing the sum at the end. If you accidentally printed one of the numbers instead of the sum of the numbers, your program would still compile and run. The result of the program would be in error, however (you printed one of the numbers instead of the sum), because of a flaw in your program s algorithm. The efficiency of your source code is a direct result of good algorithm design. Keep the concept of algorithm in mind as you work your way through the examples in this book.
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If you would like to experiment here, create a version of the album file (use version number 67) that stores the current position in the album. This value should be saved in the album file in the line after the version number before any image files are listed.
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it is doing. This is what the Suspend method allows us to do. Once a thread has entered the Suspended state we are likely going to want to have it exit that state. The Resume method causes a thread that is in the Suspended state to exit it and continue its execution. This chapter uses a web site monitoring application for demonstration purposes. A site monitoring application fits many of the concepts we ll be covering. When possible the concepts will be associated with that example. Occasionally a simple example will be introduced when it can more clearly convey the information. This chapter also covers advanced topics, such as processor affinity. These advanced mechanisms generally should not be used when dealing with managed code. It is a good idea to be familiar with them, but in general the methods in the System.Diagnostics.Process class should not be used to tune multithreaded applications. If the need arises, you will be familiar with the concepts and able to determine when you need the features they provide.
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-(IBAction)selectMapMode:(id)sender { UISegmentedControl *scChooser = (UISegmentedControl *)sender; int nMapStyleIdx = [scChooser selectedSegmentIndex]; NSLog(@"APRSmapViewController:selectMapMode - New Style=%d",nMapStyleIdx); switch (nMapStyleIdx) { case 0: self.mapView.mapType = MKMapTypeStandard; break; case 1: self.mapView.mapType = MKMapTypeSatellite; break; case 2: self.mapView.mapType = MKMapTypeHybrid; break; default: NSLog(@"APRSmapViewController:selectMapMode - Unknown Selection !"); break; } }
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Testing is a heavily overloaded word. For some people, it s a way to spec out a system, using tests as the drivers and documentation. For others, it means running through a few verification steps as part of a build process. For still others, it s a project manager banging away at a keyboard and trying to break the system. Each of those definitions has tools that best support it. Many great unit-testing, test-driven development, and keyboard-jockey testing tools are available out there, both free and open source as well as commercial. For this section, I ll focus on unit testing of Silverlight functionality, using the free Silverlight Unit Testing Framework. You ll first try a few tests that have nothing to do with your application. Then, because it must be broken apart to support testing, you ll refactor the application into two projects. When the refactoring is complete, you ll try three simple tests to exercise synchronous logic through the ViewModel class. The final test will be an asynchronous data-loading test, used to verify that the employees are being correctly downloaded from the server.
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STRINGFORMAT WITH THE MARKUPEXTENSION NOTATION As you ll recall from the previous chapter, the MarkupExtension notation for binding
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/***********************/ /* Struct Declarations */ /***********************/ struct DVDInfo { char rating; char title[ kMaxTitleLength ]; char comment[ kMaxCommentLength ]; };
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Silverlight. For instance, you may decide to create something known as a headless Silverlight application. A headless Silverlight application is an application that doesn t have a UI. Instead, it uses objects registered as ScriptableType elements as the brains for a traditional web page. This approach allows you to write nonvisual components using the .NET Framework and integrate existing code libraries. This type of application is valuable because you can use it to perform tasks that the browser s JavaScript engine can t do. For instance, you may choose to use a headless Silverlight application to make cross-domain requests or listen to a socket (both items discussed in chapter 14). Regardless, you may still need to rely on the features of a preexisting JavaScript library. For these situations, you can use Silverlight to call JavaScript from managed code.
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Most integer sizes stay the same, with the exception of long int. A long int is 32-bits long in a 32-bit architecture, and 64-bits long when compiled for a 64-bit architecture. The more easily remembered NSInteger (and NSUInteger) typedefs are equivalent to long int. You will notice that most Objective-C collection classes use NSUInteger values to count and address elements, allowing collections in a 64-bit architecture to contain more than 4,294,967,296 elements something that s impossible to accomplish in the address space of a 32-bit processor.
IValueConverter interface namespace ProcessMonitor { public class NumberToFormattedTextValueConverter: IValueConverter { public object Convert(object value, Type targetType, object parameter, System.Globalization.CultureInfo culture) { Int64 size = System.Convert.ToInt64(value); Value passed size = size / 1024; as an object
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Use the Analysis Services ADW to create an aggregation design for a 5 to 20 percent improvement. In general, the larger the cube, the lower the aggregation design percentage because of the increased overhead of creating aggregations on large cubes during processing. Remember that aggregation design occurs at the partition level, so be sure to apply the design to all appropriate partitions. Turn on query logging to capture a good representation of queries against the database. Preferably do this in a QA or test environment before end users initially start validating the cube, or for short intervals in production, if necessary. Logging has an overhead, so do not leave it on continually. Use the Aggregation Management tool in Analysis Services 2005 or usage-based optimization (UBO) in Analysis Services 2008 to design aggregations that will benefit the lengthiest queries from the previous step. When using UBO, increase the design goal to roughly 70 percent and only include longer running queries. Apply the aggregations designed in previous steps to all relevant partitions in the cube. This can be done in BIDS, the Aggregation Management tool, or via XML for Analysis (XMLA). Reprocess the partitions, either individually or as a whole, noting the processing time. Remember, the tradeoff for more aggregations is increased processing time. If the processing time is not feasible for your production environment, you will need to back off some of the aggregations. Repeat steps 2 5 periodically, perhaps monthly or quarterly, depending on your environment. Query patterns in an OLAP environment are prone to change over time, and revisiting the aggregation design compensates for this.
Within the application definition file, in addition to creating methods that allow you to select items from the database, you can also create GenericInvoker methods that allow updates and inserts. GenericInvoker methods are used to edit an entity or update/insert a value into an entity. Listing 11.1 demonstrates how to create the Insert method using the GenericInvoker. Using BDC Meta Man (even the Developer free edition), you can generate these methods. You ll just need to specify which columns from your entity to include in the Insert method. The Insert method uses parameters for each column that will be inserted.
From a user s point of view, the Mac OS X system is its user interface, applications, and services. For developers, however, the interface is simply a facade; behind it exists the Mac OS X operating system, a complex web of software that handles the interactions between user requests and computing resources.
$myDir = split-path $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Definition $gh = join-path $myDir Get-HotFixes.ps1
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