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Step 4 While the Name level is selected, switch to the Advanced tab and change the Member Keys Unique property to True. Click the Save button on the toolbar to persist your changes to the Customer dimension. Fine-tuning the Employee dimension The Employee dimension is a recursive dimension. By default, Analysis Services will name each hierarchical level sequentially, for example, Level01 for the top manager, Level02 for her subordinates, and so on. Let s come up with better captions for the levels, by following these steps: Step 1 Open the Employee dimension and select the Employee level. Switch to the Advanced tab and set the All Level property to No to prevent Analysis Services from showing the All Dimension member. Next, set the Member With Data property to Non-leaf Data Visible. This is needed because the Employee dimension is hierarchical and not all of its members will have associated data in the fact table. Step 2 Select the Employee Id level. Switch to the Advanced tab. The Level Naming Template property is blank by default. Set up the Level Naming Template property as shown in figure 12.16. Step 3 Back on the Advanced tab, change the Root Member If property to Parent Is Blank, Self, or Missing. This prevents Analysis Services from repeating the parent name in case the employee hierarchy is unbalanced. Fine-tuning the Product dimension It may be confusing for the user to have Product Category, Subcategory, and Product Name all named the same. Let s assign unique names to all levels of the Product dimension by taking these steps:
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Note: Notice the small graphic on the existing controls here. This graphic indicates that these controls are inherited by the form.
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If you call the authenticateLocalPlayer method, your game will display the Game Center sign-in dialog, shown in Figure 14 4. If you have an Apple ID, you can sign in with your Apple ID and password. Or you can choose to create a new account.
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Set the version number of the MyAlbumExplorer application to 14.5. HANDLE THE ITEMACTIVATE EVENT FOR THE LIST VIEW Action 1 Add private fields to track the current ListView control contents in the MainForm.cs code window. Add an ItemActivate event handler to the ListView control. If albums are currently shown and an item is selected, then open the album corresponding to the selected item. Result
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If we check the generated SQL code, we will see that the code to insert a record is a simple INSERT INTO statement. The code to delete the record is a bit more complex than a simple DELETE FROM Table structure. The extra code is required to handle potential concurrency issues. We can perform all of the standard CRUD
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RemoveAt InnerList Protected Properties
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Extension methods
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Reference type
When we stop execution using a breakpoint, we can examine what threads are in the application domain and what their names are. To see the value of Name before assignment, set a breakpoint on the line that assigns the value "Main" to the Name property and run the program. Before the line executes, select Debug \ Windows \ Threads, or press Ctrl+Alt+H, to bring up the window shown in figure 5.2.
The query in listing 9 lets you focus on the read/write activity for each file in a particular database. It shows you the percentage of reads and writes, both in number of reads and writes and in actual bytes read and written. This can help you analyze and size your disk I/O subsystem.
Consumer Connections IFilterValues, IWebPartParameters, IWebPartField Filter Actions Used to synchronize the display of the filter results when there are two or more filter Web Parts on the same content page Assembly Class
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about it at www.abstracture.de/projects-en/cronnix/. Another crontab editor you could use is piTime from piDog Software (www.pidog.com/piTime/). Figure 30-3 shows CronniX s main window displaying a list of tasks in a typical crontab file.
CHAPTER 5: Wi-Fi and 3G Connectivity
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