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Note Objective-C file classes are built on POSIX file concepts, and inherit many of the notions of the original UNIX
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Variant Double Double
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<WpNs0:CoordinateWebPart runat="server" CurrentPosition="0:0" ...> </WpNs0:CoordinateWebPart>
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Extending LINQ
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9.4.13 Monitoring public clouds and SLAs
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You should use generic collections as often as possible, as opposed to using nongeneric collections. The generic collections are much faster (up to an order of magnitude) when working with value types and are still significantly faster when working with reference types. The generic collections also provide compile-time type-safety that isn t available with the nongeneric collections; further, the designers incorporated what worked best in version 1 of the .NET Framework libraries into the design and implementation of generic collections. Generics are CLS-compliant in .NET 2.0, which means the range of languages that will be able to consume, extend, and produce generic classes will be substantial, so shying away from generic collections in the interests of language interoperability is unwarranted.
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Connecting the Buttons to the Script
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<Table(Name:="Person")> _ Partial Public Class Person Private _ID As Integer Private _IDRole As Integer Private _LastName As String Private _FirstName As String Private _Role As EntityRef(Of Role) Public Sub New() MyBase.New Me._Role = CType(Nothing, EntityRef(Of Role)) End Sub <Column(Storage:="_ID", DBType:="Int NOT NULL IDENTITY", Id:=true, AutoGen:=true)> _ Public Property ID() As Integer Get Return Me._ID End Get Set Me._ID = value End Set End Property <Column(Storage:="_IDRole", DBType:="Int NOT NULL")> _ Public Property IDRole() As Integer Get Return Me._IDRole End Get Set Me._IDRole = value End Set End Property <Column(Storage:="_LastName", DBType:="NVarChar(50) NOT NULL")> _ Public Property LastName() As String
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A New View-Based Template
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and blogger.deletePost D methods. Note that XML -RPC.NET maps XML -RPC arrays to C# lists, and structs to C# dictionaries, so blogger_getUserBlogs() returns a list of dictionaries, one for each user blog. Also note that the mapping between our C# methods and the XML -RPC methods is indicated by a C# attribute named XmlRpcMethod, which is provided by XML -RPC.NET. Let s move on to the MetaWeblog API interface. MetaWeblog API proxy interface Just as we did for the Blogger API, we need to define a C# interface for the MetaWeblog API. We ll need to use all six methods in the API, so all six must be included in the C# interface. Listing 9.4 shows the code for the interface.
Figure 3 30. Configuring podcast sync to automatically include selections
<Button Name="buttonEquals" Tag="local:Operator.Equals"/>
PS (14) > (dir function:/).count 78 PS (15) > dir function:clippy Get-ChildItem : Cannot find path 'clippy' because it does not ex ist. At line:1 char:4 + dir <<<< function:clippie
Testing the Application
Typically used in disaster-recovery scenarios with high-performance (asynchronous) mirroring, this option brings the mirror database online and makes it available for client connections only if the link between the principal and mirror instances is lost. The critical consideration before enacting this failover mode is the possibility of data loss. If a network connection drops and the principal database continues processing transactions before failover, these transactions won t be available for recovery on the mirror database. As such, forced service is typically only used when service must be resumed as soon as possible and the possibility of data loss is accepted.
Figure 5 18. Select the buttonPressed option.
Listing 7.14 The initCards method
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