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Controls and UserControls
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Use the LaunchBrowserDialog method to perform a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) request, displaying a document using the default Web browser. It can t verify or validate URLs; it simply opens the browser and sends the request, exactly the way launching a favorite works in Internet Explorer or launching a bookmark works in Netscape. This method sets OutputURL to the URL the user selects. It returns True if the Web browser successfully launched and the user selected a file, or it returns False to indicate failure or that the user didn t select a file. This method has the following syntax: blnStatus = UtilityObject.LaunchBrowserDialog(OutputURL, _ Title, SelectCaption, StartingURL, PreferencesKey, SelectLinks) Table 7-18 explains this method s parameters. Table 7-18. The LaunchBrowserDialog Method s Parameters
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1. Launch Site Manager and log on as channel manager. 2. Select the Channel icon to display the channel hierarchy. 3. Right-click the channel to edit and select Properties. 4. Select the Publishing tab. 5. In the Channel Rendering section, click Select. 6. Set options in the Default Page section of the Channel Rendering dialog box: Choose Use First Page to render first page as default page for channel. Choose Use page with This Name and type the name of the default page to specify first page.
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In this chapter we will show you the steps to get set up to synchronize information between your iPad and your Windows or Mac computer. Besides syncing, iTunes can do so much more like organize your music, create playlists, buy songs, videos, and has Home Sharing and Genius features. To learn about these features, please check out 26, Bonus iTunes User Guide. Also in this chapter we will show you what to consider before you sync, how to setup the automatic sync of your personal information, and how to manually transfer information. With iTunes you can sync or transfer contacts, calendar, notes, apps, music, videos, documents, and picture libraries. iTunes also has the added benefit that it automatically will backup your iPad whenever you connect it to your computer. We even show you a few simple troubleshooting tips if things are not working quite right. Finally, we show you how to check for updates and install updated operating system software for your iPad. TIP: If you are new to iTunes, we strongly recommend you check out 26, Bonus iTunes User Guide, to help you get the most out of iTunes.
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(char) charValue; (int) intValue; (float) floatValue; (BOOL) boolValue; (NSString *) stringValue;
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Display the ToolBarButton Collection Editor window.
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Table scan
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We ll dig a little deeper into each of these goals.
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Touch the Search icon at the bottom and type in the name of a particular TV show. You can also just browse the Featured or Popular categories. When you find your show, all the videos available will be available to watch.
Trace flag 1204 is one of the oldest ways to view a deadlock graph, and is the only method available on SQL Server 2000 or earlier.
This chapter explained how to create and manipulate blocks and external references. These objects give you many ways to efficiently store, manage, share, and use common graphic data. This chapter also explained how to associate text with graphics using attributes. Because every block s attribute reference values are unique, they provide a simple form of nongraphic data storage inside the AutoCAD drawing.
Creating a Boolean Literal
The objects in our sample data come in a specific order. This is an arbitrary order, and we may wish to view the data sorted by specific orderings. Query expressions allow us to use orderby clauses for this. Let s return to our web example. Let s say we d like to view our books sorted by publisher, then by descending price, and then by ascending title. The result would look like figure 4.16. The query we d use to achieve this result is shown in listing 4.18.
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